How to do a living room renovation step by step?

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How to do a living room renovation step by step?

Many people associate renovation with stress, dirt and prolonged fatigue. If we plan everything well, it does not have to be like that. We suggest how to do it with head.

A lot depends on what our living room actually requires. If the floor is OK and can stay with us for a few more years, walls don’t need plastering, we don’t plan to replace any installations – such renovation may be easy and pleasant. If more radical interventions are necessary, then it is worth to think and plan everything well.

Thorough renovation of a living room

A thorough renovation of the living room should start with selling or giving away old furniture. Those that you intend to keep should be distributed around other rooms or secured and taken to the garage. Before starting the renovation, empty the living room, which will make further work much easier. We always start with the dirtiest and most invasive works: replacing windows, changing installations, forging walls, etc. In the next step we move on to replacing the floor. Then we can get on with painting the walls, putting up wallpaper, hanging curtain rods, lamps. The last point is decorating and arranging.

Small change – big effect

To completely change the character of the interior, it is enough to change only the covering of the walls. We can repaint all the walls in the room or just one, to completely change the living room. Not only paint can help us here. A great solution is to cover one of the walls with decorative wallpaper or photo wallpaper.

With decorative help come to us also structural plasters, decorative concrete and wall tiles. Thanks to their application we can obtain a spectacular finish of the wall. Recently very fashionable concrete combines well with loft style. Tiles imitating old brick fit into modern and retro interiors.

Changing the character of the floor

Changing the floor in a living room is usually an expensive and time-consuming venture. If you have a wooden parquet floor, you can hire a machine or a floor sanding company. This is a type of refinishing that will refresh our parquet. If you have tiles in your living room, you can change their appearance without removing the floor. This can be done with tile paint or vinyl panels. Both solutions will allow us to avoid the problematic chipping away of old tiles.

Replacing panels is less complicated. The old ones can be dismantled by ourselves and the new ones will be laid by ourselves without any problem. If we do not want to face such challenges, we can help ourselves by purchasing the panels together with floor laying service. If we do not want to interfere with the technical condition of the floor, we can cover it. Carpets will be suitable for this.

Living room in tropical style

A very fashionable trend lately is the theme of tropical leaves and juicy greenery. This color is soothing and calming. And at the same time it combines very nicely with interiors in colors of white, beige and brown. On one of the walls in the living room we can put wallpaper in large leaves. In stores with interior accessories you can find pots, pictures, pillows and decorations with the motif of monstera leaves and the tropics. Just add to this live flowers, a soft beige carpet and some wooden decorative accessories to completely change the living room.

Boho style living room

Boho does not go out of fashion for several years. It is a style with a slightly eclectic character, where natural colors and accessories dominate. Boho is ideal for the living room, because it is a cozy, warm, homely style.

To decorate a boho style living room, just paint the walls in white, warm beige, brown or pastel shades. Warm up the interior with natural furniture and accessories. Decorative macramé, rattan and straw furniture, linen curtains and macramé carpets will work perfectly. Boho is also about flowers – both those dried in vases and those in the vase

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