How to start believing in yourself?

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How to start believing in yourself?

Believing in yourself is one of those skills that you acquire with age and life experience. However, there are several issues you can work on to make this challenging task easier. 

Clarify your goals and expectations

One way to increase your self-confidence is to work on the requirements you set for yourself. In practice, this means defining your aspirations, the goals you want to pursue and the results you expect. Clarifying our own needs and the end result helps us find the motivation to act. If we know what we want and have realistically estimated that we are able to realize a given dream, we can approach its realization with greater confidence and conviction that all our actions will be successful. It is a good idea to start with smaller goals, specific to a particular day or week. They can be the smallest things that will bring us joy and show that if we want something, we can achieve it. 

Overcome the fear that accompanies you 

This task is not one of the easiest, and as with achieving your goals, it’s a good idea to start with smaller problems. Overcoming your own barriers, accepting your own anxiety and fighting your fears helps build confidence. It proves how strong you are, that your limitations may only be temporary, and that overcoming them gives you a lot of satisfaction.

The key to overcoming your fears is to be systematic and accept the stress when you first start. It’s also worth giving yourself the freedom to make mistakes; after all, they are inherent in every action in a person’s life. Accompanying discomfort or fear are natural feelings that are among the most common in everyday life, so it is worth learning to live with them and perform challenging tasks despite these negative emotions. Over time, they can turn into positive feelings, which only increases self-confidence.  

Learn to appreciate yourself 

Many people live from day to day without stopping to think about what they have accomplished on a given day. It is worth appreciating all the tasks accomplished that day or the problems overcome that we faced. Appreciating ourselves helps us observe our own progress, notice the number of things we accomplish each day, and congratulate ourselves for the effort we put into each task. It is a good idea to do such summaries every day before going to sleep. It helps to sort out the completed day and gain strength for the next activities. 

The more and more often we appreciate ourselves, the more motivation we have for action. It is not always the supervisor who will praise our commitment to work, so sometimes it is worth thanking ourselves for doing our duties with due attention. Self-confidence is based precisely on the belief that what we do and believe in is important to us and we do it with full commitment. Noticing this every day will help increase this feeling and improve self-esteem.

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