How do I clean my shower stall?

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How do I clean my shower stall?

A shower enclosure seems harder to clean than a bathtub, although many people are of the opposite opinion. If you have a shower enclosure in your home and you’re constantly battling limescale and soap scum, be sure to check out our quick and easy patents for cleaning them.

Vinegar and water instead of detergents

Cleaning showers is often done with lotions and special sprays with detergents and disinfectants. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake – lotions can not only scratch the surface of the shower tray, but also contain highly corrosive hydrochloric acid, which is dangerous to our health.

If you want cleanliness but not at the expense of your and your family’s safety, try cleaning your shower tray with vinegar and water. Just ordinary spirit vinegar mixed in a 1:1 ratio with water. It’s a good idea to pour the mixture into a container with a dispenser and spray it on the grout and tiles. Then leave the solution on the surface of the cabin and after about 10 minutes, wash it off with a sponge and rinse with water. Vinegar does not tarnish the glass, but also helps to get rid of scale and soap deposits

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for mildew

You may notice dark stains in the nooks and crannies of the cabin, especially on the grout. These are spores of mold and fungus, which you should get rid of as soon as possible. You can do this by sprinkling baking soda on these areas and leaving it for about 15 minutes.

For heavily soiled areas, pour some extra baking soda on top, which will activate the effect of the previously applied baking soda. Leave this on until the baking soda is gone, and rinse with water.

The shower stall will certainly be more hygienic. If there is a lot of mold, it remains to replace the silicone at the shower tray and clean the grout with specialized anti-mold products

Glass cleaner for a shiny appearance

If you own a shower enclosure with glass doors, you are certainly familiar with the problem of soap deposits that appear on them. The solution will be a glass cleaner that has vinegar in its composition. It will give a perfect shine without streaks and at the same time it will help to get rid of white deposits. If you use a squeegee to clean the glass, it will take less time.

Waterproofing the shower enclosure

Few people know that the shower cubicle should be impregnated once every three months, using special agents to even out the depressions and scratches formed during use. In them, many dangerous to health bacteria can grow

It is enough to spray the shower tray and also the glass panes with impregnant – we recommend a gloss conditioner for glass panes. You can get them at any home-chemistry store.

How do I maintain my shower enclosure?

The shower enclosure is a place where moisture very often appears. Unfortunately, this can lead to the formation of dangerous fungi and mold. To prevent their multiplication, you need to ventilate the shower cabin as often as possible and open the door after using it

Remove water from the glass with a rubber squeegee and frequently wipe dry the shower tray recesses. You should also react quickly if the silicone becomes darker and fungus develops on it. It is best to clean the shower tray with a microfibre cloth that does not scratch the surface of the shower tray. A squeegee for water and a cotton cloth for drying the shower tray will also be useful.

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