Things to Consider Before You Buy a Vape Kit

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Things to Consider Before You Buy a Vape Kit

What to consider before you buy a vape kit? Before purchasing your first e-cigarette or vape device, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. For example, some advanced vape kit is more suited to experienced vapers who are looking for more control over their vaping experience and features. On the other hand, starter vape kits can make it easier for new vapers to get started without too much complication or steep learning curves. Here are some other things to think about before making your first purchase of an e-cigarette or vape device.

Things to consider before you buy a vape kit

Mechanical mods have been all the rage since they were first introduced in 2009. They look like miniature versions of power tools and it’s easy to see why so many vapers prefer these devices over others. Mech mods let you experience vaping at its most advanced level, but for starters, there are some things you should keep in mind before you jump into vaping with mechanical mods. If you plan on using an advanced vape kit – especially one that comes with a mech mod kit – here are some factors to take into consideration

 1) Safety First

The number one rule when it comes to mech mods is safety. Advanced vape kits typically include more powerful batteries than other devices, which means you need to be extra careful when handling them. If your battery isn’t protected by a venting mechanism, make sure you always handle your device while wearing gloves or use a box or case that can shield you from any accidental contact with live wires.

 2) Battery Safety

Batteries are an integral part of advanced vape kits and they should be handled with care. It’s important to remember that some mechanical mod batteries are not designed for regular vaping; they have been created specifically for competition-level vaping and are not recommended for beginners. If you do decide to go ahead and purchase a mechanical mod kit, make sure you know what type of battery you’re getting and if it has built-in protection against overheating and overcharging. 

3) Mechanical Mods vs Vape Pens

When buying an advanced vape kit, there are two main types of devices available: Mechanical mods and vape pens. Although both offer great performance, they differ in many ways. While mechanical mods are larger and heavier than most vape pens, they also allow you to build coils yourself – something that’s not possible with most vape pens. However, vape pens come with pre-built coils and are much easier to carry around. 

4) Tank Size

Another thing to consider before purchasing a mech mod kit is tank size. Most starter kits come with smaller tanks, but if you want to experience sub-ohm vaping at its best, look for larger tanks that will allow you to take full advantage of low resistance builds. Smaller tanks might look nice on your device but their performance won’t match up to what large tanks can deliver.

 5) Coil Resistance

As mentioned above, one of the biggest advantages of using a mech mod kit is that you get to build your own coils. For starters, however, it’s advisable to stick with stock coils until you get used to building your own. Once you feel comfortable enough, start experimenting with different coil resistances until you find what works best for you.

 6) Wick Material 

One factor often overlooked by beginners looking into mechanical mods is the wick material. These days, cotton is still one of the most popular options, but you may want to try out silica wicks as well. Silica offers better flavour and vapour production than cotton does and it’s especially useful if you like dripping e-liquid directly onto your coils. 

7) Temperature Control

Temperature control functions are another feature that sets apart advanced vape kits from starter ones. With temperature control, you can adjust your device’s output to suit your preferences. In fact, many people who prefer temperature control mode say it’s just as good as smoking a cigarette. 

We hope this guide helps you in purchasing the right vape kit for you.

main photo: unsplash.com/Yoann BoyerHire

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