How to brew coffee without losing its qualities?

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How to brew coffee without losing its qualities?

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Drinking coffee is a real ritual. Coffee beans need to be properly stored, ground and brewed for the beverage to have the right taste and aroma

The aroma of coffee is more than half the pleasure of drinking it because it is the characteristic smell that shows the quality of the beans. Depending on how the coffee is prepared its properties may vary. Here’s how to prepare it so that the “black gold” retains its best qualities

Storing coffee beans

In addition to brewing, the storage of coffee beans is also of great importance. Beans, whole or ground, are best kept in a cupboard, in a darkened place and at room temperature. The coffee packet should not be in the sun or any other bright, hot place because it oxidizes more easily and loses its flavour

In a refrigerator, on the other hand, too low a temperature, the presence of other odours and moisture will cause the coffee to deteriorate quickly. It is best to store beans in their original packaging since glass containers do not protect them from the sun’s harmful rays and metal cans can react with the contents and alter the flavor of the brew. Simply close the coffee packet tightly with a clip and place it in a cupboard or decorative container

Brewing coffee

There are plenty of ways to brew coffee beans, from simply pouring boiling water over filter coffeepots and French presses to coffee makers and espresso machines. It all depends on the preferences of the coffee drinker. In Poland the most common practice is to brew coffee by pouring hot water over ground beans

However, it is a big mistake to pour boiling water directly over the beans. Coffee achieves its best flavor when brewed with water at a temperature of 80 to 90 degrees Celsius. Boiling water makes the coffee’s aroma and flavor less intense. The origin of the beans and their degree of roasting also have a great influence on the final result. At you will find a very wide selection of coffees from all over the world and roasted in different ways. This allows you to choose the best beans for you

Coffee machines arouse some controversy among coffee drinkers. Some think that the machine spoils the taste and the whole character of the black drink, while others drink coffee only brewed in this way and appreciate it very much. It all depends on the quality and capabilities of the machine and how it is used

The coffee maker must be well cleaned from liquids in the pipes so that the coffee is not acidic. The beans in fresh grind coffee machines must be stored in an airtight container so that they do not air out and lose their flavor. A well-maintained and quality coffee machine can make you a brew worthy of the best barista. You can buy very elaborate and professional models from the online store

Alternative ways of brewing coffee

Many people choose instant coffee because of their aversion to grounds at the bottom of the cup, but this is usually a very truncated version of the drink, which has much more potential than can be contained in powder or granule form. If you hate having grounds floating around in your coffee, try coffee brewed in a café or French press

In the former case, you’ll get a perfect, intense espresso that can be drunk sauteed or used as a base for coffee drinks or americano. On the other hand, the taste of coffee from a French press is not very different from a regular brew in a mug or cup, but its advantage is precisely the absence of grounds that contaminate the drink.

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