Which fishing rod to choose? Beginner’s guide to fishing

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Which fishing rod to choose? Beginner’s guide to fishing

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Fishing is a hobby that has not waned in strength over the years. It is a passion passed down from generation to generation and an absolutely unique tradition in many families. Beginning anglers can largely count on the help of other enthusiasts from their environment. However, if you do not have any anglers in your family or circle of friends who could advise you, we are here to help! See how to choose your first fishing rod

The best rod for a beginner

Experienced anglers most recommend a whip rod to people starting their adventure with fishing. This is the simplest model of rod, but simplicity is its strength. One of the advantages of a float rod is that it is light, so your hands do not get tired during fishing and the morning by the river will not end with painful soreness. The rod should be as straight as possible, because it is the easiest to learn how to use and maneuver the rod. If you don’t know how to use the fishing equipment well, all the trimmings will hinder your fishing instead of making it easier. The first rod should not be too expensive, because if you do not know yet whether fishing will be your passion, it is not worth spending a lot of money on equipment. You can sell a cheap rod later and buy yourself a more advanced model.

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A spinning rod to start your fishing adventure

Are spinning ro ds suitable for inexperienced anglers? Of course they are! However, it’s a good idea to start your spinning adventure under the guidance of someone more knowledgeable about the subject, then your fishing will be more effective. Your first spinning rod should be a short one and a half to three metres, as casting is awkward with longer models. You will be casting many times, so the rod should be light. Long waving with a heavy and too long rod can be tiring for a person who is just developing their technique of using the equipment. A spinning rod is used to catch predatory fish, which are usually large specimens, so spinning fishing is more rewarding for many anglers

Other types of rods suitable for beginners

Before buying your first fishing rod, it’s also a good idea to look at other models that may appeal to you. With a fishing rod it’s a bit like with a wand, it’s the one that chooses the angler, so don’t close yourself off to other options and get your hands on a few rods before choosing the right one.

  • telescopic rod – this is a type of rod, which is unfolded by sliding out the individual elements, hidden one in another,. The advantage of this model of rod is that it is easy to transport, because folded, it can fit even into a backpack, which makes travel easier. It also does not pose any problems with unfolding and folding, it is simple, usually light and very friendly for beginners,
  • segmented fishing rod – consists of several separate parts that are put together to make a whole rod. Like the telescopic rod, it is easy to transport, which is a big plus. The downside is that it is a little more difficult to assemble and may require some practice. On the other hand, it has a better action than a telescopic rod,
  • a one-part rod – its main advantage is durability. In comparison with the models mentioned earlier, it is characterized by greater resistance to damage. This resistance is due to the lack of joints, which are known to deteriorate the fastest. It will prove fantastic for fishing from a boat in salt water. Due to its large size, it is unfortunately quite problematic when it comes to transportation, especially if you want to take it on the public transportation.

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