Do you travel often? Learn 6 ingenious tricks to make your packing easier

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Do you travel often? Learn 6 ingenious tricks to make your packing easier

The vacation season is a time when most of us face the difficult challenge of packing our most essentials into a small suitcase. How to pack everything efficiently? 

Make a list of all your belongings

The first and most important step to make packing easier is to prepare a list. It should include all the necessary toiletries, clothes, electronics, medicines, shoes or towels. Before writing down the list, it’s a good idea to check the weather at your vacation destination and the facilities your hotel offers. You may find that some items – such as a hair dryer, towel or flip-flops – will prove unnecessary in your travel suitcase. Preparing a list will reduce the risk of forgetting important items and help you plan how and in what order to pack the next items. 

Check the allowed size and weight of your suitcase 

If you are traveling by car or train, the problem actually solves itself. In this type of transport there are no restrictions, so the problem of choosing the right suitcase does not concern you. The issue becomes much more difficult when traveling by air. We can use checked baggage. It has its own sizes, which can vary from airline to airline, but it gives you definitely more comfort in packing, because the suitcase is large and can weigh up to 20 kilograms. A bigger hassle may arise in the case of carry-on luggage, the so-called cabin bag. This type of suitcase is definitely smaller and lighter, so packing it requires more attention. Before departure, it is advisable to carefully check all the dimensions on the carrier’s website and possibly buy larger luggage. 

Don’t fold your clothes 

One proven trick to make it easier to fit more things in your suitcase is not to fold them, but to roll them. Before packing, it’s a good idea to iron all your clothes and then gently roll them. With this technique, you can fit almost twice as many clothes in your suitcase, while not crumpling them in transit. Rain jackets and even towels also roll great. 

Take advantage of vacuum bags 

If you’re not convinced by the rolling technique, a vacuum bag should be more to your liking. Although most people use this solution during a move or when packing things for storage in the basement, it turns out that you can also use this method while on vacation. A vacuum bag takes up less space, allows you to get rid of unnecessary air and leave your clothes arranged in such a way that they won’t get squashed during transport. 

Put small items in your shoes 

A suitcase has limited space, so make sure to use every inch of it to the fullest. A great way to fit a few extra small items is to put them in the shoes in your luggage. Actually, you can throw everything in there – from chargers to headphones, packed jewelry to small beauty supplies. 

Don’t wrap your trouser belt 

The last useful lifehack for packing for a trip is how to pack your pants belt. Instead of wrapping it in a classic roll, you can spread it across the length of your suitcase. This way, the belt takes up less space and won’t get damaged in transit. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Marissa Grootes

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