Face powder – how to choose the perfect one?

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Face powder – how to choose the perfect one?

Powder is one of those products that most women take for granted. Unfortunately, it turns out that when we face the need to buy it and see the vast array of options available in the store, we start to get lost

Remember that the selection of powder – just like the selection of any other makeup item – should be preceded by a good understanding of your needs. Turn the vast array of options to your advantage and find a powder that enhances your beauty and works with you and your lifestyle.

First, identify your skin type

Depending on what type of skin you have, you will need a different type of product. A teenager’s blemish-prone skin, which will usually be of the combination or oily type, will have different needs, while a woman’s skin, which is losing elasticity due to age and may be prone to dryness, will have different needs. Either way, each of us wants to look neat, attractive and just plain special. For everyday use, light, velvety powders work well in most cases. If you have a complexion with blemishes, opt for a powder that will hold your foundation and concealer, not too heavy so as not to overload the already many concealing imperfections layers. Choose one that will not layer on your skin and will not clog pores. A good mattifying powder will prevent your skin from getting too shiny, usually these types of products have a label that they are designed for oily or combination skin. Also, stock up on mattifying wipes, which will absorb excess oil on your skin and allow you to use less product. With this practice, a medium mattifying powder will be sufficient. For dry or normal skin types, remember to moisturize well to avoid a “waxy” effect. In this case you need a soft powder with a fine texture that will blend well with the cream foundation underneath. Powders that are too dry can further accentuate any fine lines and wrinkles. A normal complexion powder is ideal for this type of complexion. If your skin is well-hydrated, it will help fix the base layers of your makeup and make your skin look matte and even, but at the same time beautifully radiant. With this type of complexion you can choose a powder that offers a glow effect. Delicate shimmering particles will give you a discreet glow.

Second, find the right shade

An important rule of thumb is to choose your powder according to the foundation you’re using and after analyzing the color of your skin in the jaw area – preferably in daylight, natural light. If you have a very light complexion, an ivory-colored powder is a good choice. For medium tones, rose and pearl cosmetics work well, and for dark tones, you’ll probably be fine if you opt for a beige/olive palette

This is the basic distinction, but further down the line, the complexion is also characterized by the degree of vascularity, which translates into a simple distinction of whether your shades are more cool pinks or browns or warm creams and oranges. The rule of thumb is simple, when your skin is more vascularized, and therefore also more pink, look for cosmetics that will calibrate this with shades with a touch of yellow. With mustard shades of the face, where there is a large amount of yellow pigment, a touch of pink will add freshness and girlishness. If you have trouble clearly identifying your base shade, do a simple test by alternately applying a red and blue colored material. Try to objectively determine which shade naturally enhances your beauty and adds glow. If you are better in red, your facial skin tone is probably warm, otherwise you will be characterized by a cool beauty type.

Third, choose the amenities you need

Apart from the fact that the cosmetic should fit your skin, it’s a good idea to think about what other features are important to you to make using it comfortable and enjoyable.

It’s a very practical idea to get a compact that comes with a brush and a mirror. Such a solution is perfect to carry even in small purses and clutch bags and gives you the possibility of quick touch-ups when you are “on the run”, outside the house. Just remember to make sure the packaging is suitable for the contents if you want to use the powder on the go. If the product is very loose, it will be a good idea to aim for screw-top packaging or some other type of protection so you don’t risk spilling it all over your purse. For hard, well-bonded powders, it will be enough to create a small pocket inside, so that the product is not so exposed to bumping against the rest of the bag’s contents. In addition to the packaging, it’s also a good idea to think about getting a transparent powder, which will make it easier for you to touch up even in extreme conditions, and make minor imperfections less noticeable.

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