Paint-by-numbers paintings for advanced learners

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Paint-by-numbers paintings for advanced learners

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Painting by numbers is a pastime that more and more people are enjoying. And for good reason – painting is a great way to relax, it’s fun and also develops artistic skills. Apart from not difficult compositions for painting by numbers there are also paintings for advanced people. Find out what to think about when choosing a paint by numbers set, if you care about high or moderate level of difficulty. We invite you to read.

What does the level of difficulty depend on?

Painting by numbers doesn’t have to be easy. The paintings are divided into 5 difficulty levels, where the sets marked 1 are the easiest, and 5 are the most complicated. The more difficult sets of paint by numbers consist of a larger number of squares to be filled with paint, as well as a wider range of colors. Such compositions require a lot of concentration and precision, so they are best suited for patient people who have well-developed manual skills or have already painted before.

Where to find sets for painting by numbers for advanced?

In stores with sets for painting by numbers many beautiful compositions are waiting for customers, such as: landscapes, country landscapes, portraits, sunsets, animals, as well as copies of paintings of famous painters, such as “The Kiss” by Klimt or “The Girl with a Pearl” by Vermeer. It is also possible to upload your own photo, which will be converted into a painting by numbers. One of the stores, which offers such option and also has sets for advanced persons, is

Elements of set for painting by numbers

The set for painting by numbers includes: canvas on a wooden frame, brushes, appropriate paint colors, and instructions. All necessary elements are inside the set, so you can start painting by numbers right after buying the painting. A paper towel for drying the brushes may be useful – the paints without water addition cover the canvas better. You can apply the paints, grading the thickness of layers, as well as using different tools such as a spatula. Remember that in painting there are no rules and it ultimately depends on you how your painting will look like!

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