What items will come in handy during a survival trip?

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What items will come in handy during a survival trip?

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Survival is the skills involved in surviving in extreme conditions. It can also be an interesting and useful hobby. It is important to know how to prepare for tough situations

Survival basics

The essential elements in survival are water, fire, shelter and food. This is known as the Big Four. The basic skills are: finding and purifying water, making a fire, building shelter, and navigating. It is also hunting and food preparation. It is also important to know how to dress wounds and know the basics of first aid.

During survival it is useful to learn how to stay calm and how to plan things. A lot of knowledge and skill is needed here. Useful items that can help you survive are knives, ropes, first aid kit, food, compass, or flashlight. If you want to purchase these, visit a military store. There you will buy , among other things, flints , openers, binoculars, canteens, and special footwear. The choice is really huge. You can find things for beginners as well as for professionals. When going on a survival trip, invest in a sleeping bag, backpack, fire starting and navigation accessories

Some people specifically prepare their home for worse times. It’s worth it for survival to have two benefits. First, it should enhance your quality of life on a daily basis. It can also help in extreme situations. Examples include growing your own food in your garden or having a well. You should also get a generator. Survival experts advise you to avoid credit. This is because it may happen that in hard times, you may not be able to pay it back. This is also an important advice, in case you are not able to get a permanent job

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Appropriate clothing

Comfortable and well-made clothing is the basis of survivalism. It should protect against weather conditions. It is worth to make sure the clothes are comfortable and do not restrict movement. You should also adjust them to the weather and season. A good idea is to get underwear and thermal clothing. You can buy men’s clothing, for example, in the internet store https://www.zbrojownia.pl/odziez/pitbull/meska. There you will find good quality T-shirts, sweatshirts and pants. You can also buy jackets suitable for bad weather conditions

Sources of knowledge about survival

One of the most important elements of survivalism is learning. The first source of knowledge is all written elements. These can be books in the form of guidebooks and various blogs. Well-known titles for beginners include: “SAS School of Survival” by John Wiseman, “On the Trapper’s Path” by Jan Stykowski, or “Vademecum Survival” by Pawel Frankowski and Witold Rajchert

It is also worth watching survival guides on YouTube. It is worth gaining knowledge from experienced people and enthusiasts. We recommend the Home Survival channel. It has 66,1 thousand subscribers. You can find there an interesting series, in which the creator presents a list of things that can disappear from stores during some extreme situation. Also valuable in this topic is the Bushcraft channel. It contains various tutorials and has 273 thousand subscribers. The author of the video tutorials mainly deals with bushcraft, outdoor and survival. This creator also conducts courses and trainings in this field

For some, scouting has helped to deepen their knowledge about survival. Many useful skills are taught at camps. It also exercises perseverance and character. Attending special camps can also be another way. In addition to gaining basic knowledge, you will also learn how to put advice into practice

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