Back-to-School Supplies: A Checklist for Every Parent

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Back-to-School Supplies: A Checklist for Every Parent

The back-to-school season is rapidly approaching, and it’s no secret that kids’ school supplies these days are expensive. The new school year can leave your wallet feeling emptier than the children’s lunchboxes on the first day of school, but with some careful planning and budgeting you can make it through without sacrificing your savings or the needs of your kids. 

What are Back-to-School Supplies?

School supplies are a key part of the back-to-school experience. They are not just about school, though; they are about starting a new chapter in life. Whether you’re a student or a parent, there are many things on your list of back-to-school supplies that you’ll need before heading off to class or sending your kids off on their first day of school. 

Now is a great time to prepare your children for their first day of school. By giving them all of their supplies before school starts, you can help them feel ready and confident about starting school, even if they are nervous. To help ease those first-day jitters, there’s a comprehensive list of back-to-school supplies you’ll want on hand. 

Must-Have Items for Every Kid

A checklist is a great way to make sure you have everything you need for the upcoming school year. To make your life easier and help you get ready for back to school, we’ve created a list of essentials that are sure to get your kids going in the right direction. 

  1. Pencils 

If there’s one thing that every student needs, it’s pencils. You can never have too many pencils on hand! And if it gets lost or forgotten at school, then be sure to pack an extra one in their backpack or lunchbox. 

  1. Pens 

Chances are that once your child starts school they’ll be asked to write something on paper…so don’t forget pens!  Make sure they’re comfortable to hold so they can focus more on what they’re writing instead of how it feels in their hands. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a pen that doesn’t work well because the ink keeps smudging off!

  1. Whiteboard Eraser 

Everyone knows how hard it is to erase anything from whiteboards without messing up what was just written on them – so save yourself some stress by getting your child this essential tool today. It has a long handle which makes scrubbing away any unwanted markings from whiteboards much easier, plus its triangular shape makes using it as easy as pie.

  1. Calculators

Calculators are another essential school supply that will save you from having to worry about whether your child has enough time to finish all of their math assignments, especially during exams. Get them a calculator that’s easy for them to use with large buttons so they can quickly add and subtract, perfect if they’re still learning how to do basic math in a classroom setting

Benefits of Having Them

There are many benefits of having the right back-to-school supplies. It helps prevent your children from feeling unprepared or out of the loop when they first enter the classroom. Given below are a few benefits of having these items at hand:

  1. If you have too much schoolwork, you can use supplies like pencils and paper as tools to help you with it. For instance, if you’re asked to write an essay, then notebooks and pens are essential because they give us space to brainstorm ideas and put them on paper so we can organize them better in our minds. 
  2. The more organized we are, the easier it is to find what we need on time and in order – especially if we want to get started on our homework quickly before dinnertime! 
  3. With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see how good organizing tools will benefit students’ work habits both in school and later on in their careers as adults who have very little spare time – meaning everything is easier when it’s easy!
  4. In addition, some teachers may ask students to bring certain materials (for example, markers) on certain days during class. Again, there’s nothing worse than showing up empty-handed while everyone else has something they need! Finally…
  5. When parents make sure that kids come prepared with their favourite set of school supplies – and with just enough rather than too much – there are boundless benefits for everyone involved.


It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of back-to-school shopping. However, it is important that parents take the time to really think about what will be needed this year. This includes school supplies as well as clothes, shoes, and lunch boxes. The checklist below can help you stay organized while on your quest for new school supplies.

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