What and how to clean my teeth?

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What and how to clean my teeth?

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Oral hygiene is extremely important. Tooth decay and other diseases of teeth and gums leave a huge mark on our health, and besides, nobody likes visits to the dentist. So how to take care of your teeth and gums to visit the dentist only for a check-up and enjoy white and healthy teeth? See what and how to properly clean your teeth

Which Toothbrush to Choose?

Toothbrushing is the most basic form of dental care. The selection of toothbrushes in stores is overwhelming. Is the toothbrush with a small or large head? Manual, sonic or electric? Hard or soft bristles? The answer is that your toothbrush needs to be effective. If you choose a manual toothbrush with soft bristles, you will need to spend more time thoroughly cleaning your teeth than if you use a sonic toothbrush with medium-hard bristles. That’s why dentists recommend sonic and electric toothbrushes-they work faster, which means you’re more likely to get a thorough cleaning. Let’s face it, who sets a timer when brushing their teeth to follow the three-minute rule?

The hardness of the bristles depends on the condition of your gums; medium-hard bristles are most often recommended. They are the most versatile for healthy gums. If you have a problem with excessive plaque build-up, choose a toothbrush with hard bristles, but be careful not to injure your gums while brushing. If your gums tend to bleed, opt for soft bristles and a longer brushing time.

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Flossing-an overlooked necessity

Most people freely admit that they don’t floss. This is usually due to laziness, forgetfulness or economic reasons. However, flossing is nevertheless necessary to maintain healthy teeth. Flossing removes food debris and plaque from interdental spaces that are not cleaned with a toothbrush. Not flossing can lead to the development of decay in a seemingly healthy mouth, right at the junction of two teeth.

If you’re trying to live a zero or less waste lifestyle, flossing may put you off by the fact that it takes 30 to even 85 years to decompose. Fortunately, floss made from completely biodegradable materials is now available on the market. Another non-waste generating solution is to use an irrigator, which by releasing a thin stream of water under pressure will also successfully clean the spaces between your teeth. Such equipment can be purchased at


Opinions on mouthwash are divided, some say it’s a must, others claim that it kills the natural bacterial flora and does more harm than good. Experts say clearly – it is worth using mouthwash, because it complements the hygiene of teeth and gums. The advantage of mouthwash is that it has a chance to reach everywhere your toothbrush and floss couldn’t. Additionally, it prevents tartar from forming on your teeth overnight, so it has a positive effect on your oral health. As for the allegations that it knocks out bacterial flora – this is a myth that you should not worry about

Oral hygiene is a very important and worthwhile topic. It is important to raise awareness of the public on the issue of caring for teeth, because still many Poles struggle with caries and other oral diseases that result from improper care and avoidance of visits to the dentist

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