How to stretch shoes that are too tight?

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How to stretch shoes that are too tight?

Everyone has probably bought a pair of shoes at least once that they really liked, but they turned out to be too tight. How to stretch shoes that are too tight so you can walk in them comfortably? Read about it in our article.

Elegance, style, originality – these are the main criteria for which we often neglect comfort and practicality when buying shoes. Many people decide to buy shoes one size smaller, because they can not resist their style, and there is no optimal size in the store. However, after just the first walk in the new shoes, corns appear on the feet. In such a situation, the favorite pair of shoes usually ends up in the closet, because hardly anyone likes to feel pain and inconvenience.

The only thing left is to regret the money spent and the inability to walk in the shoes of your choice.

Is it possible to fix this situation? How to wear shoes that are too tight?

Alcohol solution

In order to expand the shoes, you can treat them with any liquid containing alcohol: vodka, diluted water with alcohol, cologne. You can wipe with such a solution the whole shoe or separate the areas that cause unpleasant sensations. Then you must walk around the house in these shoes for at least two hours while wearing thick cotton socks.

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Vegetable oil

Castor oil, sunflower oil, and petroleum jelly will help expand shoes that are too tight. These three remedies work well for artificial or natural leather products. You need to spread one of these products on your shoes inside and out and then walk around the house in them for about three hours. Later, carefully wipe off the remaining oil or petroleum jelly.

Hot water

How to wear tight leather shoes at home? Use this cheapest option.

Pour water at a very high temperature on the middle (top) of your leather shoes, dry them after a few minutes and cool them down a bit. Then you have two choices: either put on socks and walk in the shoes until they dry, or wrap them in a cotton cloth soaked in boiling water for half an hour, lubricate them with any oil and leave them for a day.

You can also moisten with very hot water not the shoes themselves, but warm socks. Then put them on the shoes and walk in this way for about thirty minutes.


To unlace shoes that are too tight, try an old-fashioned method that has been used for generations. Fill shoes that are tight in the toe with newspaper dipped in water. At the same time, to get the desired effect, press the wet paper very firmly but carefully, following the original shape. After the newspaper dries (it takes about one day), you need to remove it from the shoes, which will now be suitable for you.


You can use the expanding properties of water after freezing to widen shoes that are too tight. To do this, pour water into strong plastic bags, check that they don’t leak, and seal or tie them shut. Then put the bags of water in the tight shoes, wrap with newspaper and put in the freezer. The shoes should become looser as the bags of frozen water will increase in size.


If you need to stretch tight shoes, try wiping them down with soap before going outside. Because the soap reduces friction, you can avoid the appearance of calluses. Use this remedy until your shoes stretch to the right size.

Hair dryer

Using a regular hair dryer is another great way to stretch tight shoes, especially if you need to do it quickly. To do this, put on a tight pair of warm socks and heat up the most problematic areas of your shoes with a hair dryer on hot mode. Walk around the apartment for about fifteen minutes. If the discomfort persists, repeat the procedure.

How to stretch particular pieces of your shoes

Often, the discomfort caused by shoes that are too tight is felt only in a specific area. This happens, for example, when the shoe has the right length, but is too narrow. To avoid chafing, it is necessary to stretch the different parts of the shoe.

Narrow and stiff heel counter

Wear the shoes with thick wool socks. If you cannot achieve the desired effect, try hitting the area with a hammer. You can also use soap using the method we wrote about earlier. Another remedy is to fill the heel counter with crumpled balls of paper or socks.

Narrow Nose

Shoes that are tight in the toe are actually easier to expand than you might think. Suede and leather models can be put in the freezer by filling the sock with bags of water. Lacquered shoes, as well as those made of organic leather, can be treated with paraffin, alcohol or soap

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