Handbag – how to choose the right one for yourself?

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Handbag – how to choose the right one for yourself?

Handbag is an attribute of representatives of the fair sex. We have at least several of them in our closet, in different colors, models and sizes. So do we already know everything about women handbags?

How many handbags should every woman have in her closet? It is hard to answer this question unequivocally. A lot depends on our attitude to fashion, ecology, practicality..

A handbag has many functions. From decorative, complementing an outfit, to utilitarian. The content of a woman’s handbag has already been ridiculed many times and surrounded by legends. Regardless of malicious comments, the topic of handbag selection is serious. What should we take into consideration?

A timeless and irreplaceable postbag

A purse of the postbag type is a timeless and comfortable classic. It is a bag which you can sling over your shoulder and forget about its existence. Spacious, capacious and elegant. It is perfect both for shopping and a walk or to work. It will be loved by practical women, young mothers and ladies who like to have with them equipment for every situation.

A postbag is a bag of large or medium size, which we hang over our shoulder. The bigger the bag, the thicker the strap should be. This makes it comfortable to carry, and the weight is distributed evenly. A purse usually has additional compartments inside.

Another advantage is the shape of the bag. Depending on our preferences and what we plan to carry in it, we can choose from several shapes. Vertical and horizontal rectangular ones will be perfect for carrying books, notebooks and even a notebook. On the other hand, semi-circular or trapezoid ones are very capacious and elegant at the same time.

Roomy bag

Another type of practical bag is a sack. They are characterized by very large capacity. They are perfect for shopping, work or travelling. You can fit absolutely everything into them. Their capacity is their main advantage.

The bag type has short handles. It is very important that both the bag itself and the handle are made of strong material. The construction has to withstand the weight that will be carried in it. Bags usually have only one compartment, into which we put all small items.

A clutch bag for important occasions and more

A clutch bag is an elegant handbag of small size. It is supposed to fit only the most necessary trinkets: phone, keys, lipstick and tissues. This type of bag is mainly associated with an evening out or a wedding. However, this is not the only purpose of a clutch bag. It will also be a practical everyday bag for women who appreciate minimalism.

Clutch bags come in different shapes and finishes. You can choose a softer, completely suede option. Another option is a clutch type bag. Clutch bags can be designed to be carried in the hand or hung on a thin strap or chain. In this category, the choice of models, decorations and details is very wide.

Modern kidney bag

Since a few seasons a very fashionable solution is a women’s kidney bag. Kidney bags are rather associated with sporty, casual style. However, the modern interpretation is much more elegant. Women’s leather kidney bags are small bags, which can be worn in several ways: as a classic kidney bag, attached to the belt, slung over the shoulder, on the chest or back.

The kidney bag is a combination of elegance and modern fashion. The bag is not too capacious, but it is very comfortable and impressive. Women who love fashion and functional solutions will love it. The kidney belt is also an element of finishing an outfit. It will go well with a dress or a coat.

Briefcase and schoolbag – back to school fashion

Fashion goes round and round. Also the one concerning bags. Recently handbags in the style of school satchels, as well as women’s briefcases and briefcases have come back to favor. It is certainly a solution for ladies who appreciate fashion and original style.

Bags of this type are most often made of leather or its synthetic substitutes. They are stiff, massive and quite heavy in their construction. They are finished with characteristic buckles and clasps. Satchel bags are designed to be carried on shoulder, in hand, sometimes on back. They are perfect for the office and for the university. They perfectly accommodate documents, briefcases, and even a laptop.

Photo by Tamara Bellis/Unsplash

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