Popular fish species for the aquarium

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Popular fish species for the aquarium

If you’re planning to set up an aquarium, you’re surely wondering about choosing the right fish. Check which species work best for you.

Keeping aquarium fish

Aquarium fish are fish species that are kept in aquariums. The first information about keeping fish in such tanks dates back to 2500 BC, and the Sumerians were the precursors. Currently there are many colorful fish on the market. To this group of animals are most often representatives of groups of atheriniformes, carpiformes and perchiformes. It is worth noting that we let freshwater aquarium fish into the porterhouse. Popular representatives of this group of animals are: bullhead, cardinalfish, barbel, scalar, mollusks, piscatoria. If you decide to set up an aquarium, you should pay attention to several things, namely:

  • which species can live in one space;
  • which fish need special care, and which fish can forgive minor mistakes;
  • how large you intend to have the aquarium;
  • what embodiment the species has;
  • how much space a given fish needs;
  • technical issues – lighting, heater, hiding places (pebbles, roots, locks);
  • which plants suit which species;
  • what kind of food to choose;
  • preparations that remove excess algae, for example;
  • getting to know the most common diseases;
  • if you decide to breed fish, you need to know in which period (sex) to wean the fish.

These are the most important issues you need to pay attention to if you want to start an aquarium fish farm. However, everyone wants to keep the fish that work best in their tank. No one wants to incur huge costs in breeding. Remember that fish breeding is a very thankful thing anyway, because you don’t spend much time on it, and you enjoy your eyes with it.

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What kind of aquarium fish works best?

The magnificent boyfish – a fish that is most often chosen by young, inexperienced aquarists. This species is also called the Siamese fighter. It is a labyrinth fish from the guramiidae family. In captivity, its lifespan varies from 2 to 5 years, and it is affected by temperature. It is a beautiful fish with a lovely dangling tail. Its body is elongated, cylindrical in shape and is about 6 cm long. This fish has quite a belligerent character. It is very aggressive so it should be combined with very gentle fish. However, if you plan to breed only this species, there can be only one male in the aquarium, otherwise one will be eliminated by the other. Their body has the ability to regenerate quickly. Females are very tolerant of each other. They must be kept in small to medium size tanks (up to 50 l). The temperature that should be in the tank is 25-28 degrees Celsius. In general, the fighting fish is not picky in food, but live, dry or frozen food works best.

The most beautiful aquarium fish

Of course, the choice of fish for the aquarium is also a matter of taste. Immediately after you have checked whether the fish can be combined, you should choose specific species. This will certainly not be an easy task for you, as there are plenty of fish! Many of them are beautiful and will surely please your eyes. The species of the most popular and beautiful aquarium fish are:

  • sailfish scalar,
  • peacock guppies,
  • the magnificent fighter,
  • heller’s swordtail,
  • Symphysodon,
  • ramirez butterflyfish,
  • veil,
  • the wedge-finned swordfish,
  • the spiny lionfish,
  • sumatran barbel,
  • neon inessa,
  • the Kuhl’s thornback,
  • the Amazonian ghost,
  • the red phantom,
  • the spotted benthic toothfish,
  • the colorful cephalopod.

These are just a handful of beautiful aquarium fish. It is worth mentioning that many fish not only have amazing colors, but also interesting and amazing patterns.

Another hassle that may arise is that the capacity of the aquarium is too small for the fish species. Rest assured, because there are small aquarium fish that don’t really need a lot of space, and these include the dwarf pike, the cuirass, the bystander, the danio, or the fighter described above.

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