What mistakes to avoid when feeding your dog?

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What mistakes to avoid when feeding your dog?

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Proper nutrition for your dog is the key to his health and a long, happy life. Investing in good quality food actually saves you money on numerous and very expensive vet visits that are necessary if your dog falls ill. Despite appearances, popularly advertised food brands on TV are not good for your pet. Granules, cans and sachets available in discount stores, after which the dog is supposed to “make healthy poop” contain only 4 percent of meat. What food to buy and how to read the composition to keep your four-legged friend healthy? Here’s how!

Cereals in dog food

Unfortunately it was and still is a plague among dog food producers to add cheap food fillers in the form of cereals. Meat is more expensive than wheat, millet or rice, so some manufacturers add cheaper fillers instead of meat to lower the cost of production of dog food. Most often, unfortunately, the cost of production has nothing to do with the store price. Often, in good faith, we buy for our dogs what is advertised as the best, and as a result we not only lose money unnecessarily, but also unknowingly harm the dog. Dog’s digestive system is not designed to digest the starch contained in cereals, so feeding your pet cereal food can lead not only to a lack of micro and macro nutrients in the body, but also to the formation of deposits in the intestines.

Home cooked food

Many dog guardians rely on nature and cook their pets meat with vegetables. This action is undoubtedly out of love, but again, it is not the best solution. With this type of feeding, we don’t have any control over what goes into our dog’s body and in what dosage, moreover, very few people remember about proper supplementation when feeding cooked food. Meat, offal and vegetables lose most of their nutritional value during thermal processing, which leads to deficiencies, anemia, bone brittleness or hormonal diseases in dogs. In addition, cooked food is soft, and a healthy dog needs to eat and chew hard food to keep its teeth and mouth in good condition. A much better choice will be a good quality dry food, which you can find in the online store

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Puppy nutrition

Puppies after weaning can already start eating wet food, and after a few weeks, during and after the teething period, when they have already replaced all the teeth with permanent ones, food in the form of dry granules. Puppies during the growth period, which lasts from nine months to as much as three years depending on the breed, must be provided with a great deal of energy in their food. Malnutrition during the growth period can lead to acquired dwarfism, bone brittleness, and problems with intellectual and mental development. Puppy food needs to be grain-free, high-meat and high-calorie so the little one can grow up healthy. All these conditions are met by the fantastic quality country homestead puppy food. Variants of this dog food for adults are also recommended. If you don’t believe it, read its composition and you will see that it is a great choice for your pooch. However, keep in mind that puppy food is not suitable for adult pets due to its high calorie and higher nutrient content

Treats and chews for dogs

Your dog has an innate need to chew and nibble, so you should provide him with chews to fulfill this need. Unfortunately, many of the chews available in pet stores, such as booties, braided or pressed bones, and ringworms, roasted pig ears or chicken feet, and colored cookies are a nightmare for a dog’s digestive system. Most chews are simply waste from the tanning plant. Skins that cannot be made into shoes, bags or car seats, or their offcuts, are bleached with very strong chemicals and then glued with leather glue (which is also used to glue shoes). Giving a dog such a chew is almost equivalent to adding toilet liquid to its water. In turn, dog treats and cookies often contain cereals and artificial dyes, which also have a very bad effect on dog’s health. Fortunately, there are more and more alternatives on the market. Semi-moist or dry meat treats from Alpha Spirit, dried offal and entrails from Rural Homestead and Abacus can be purchased at When buying treats for your pooch also pay attention to their composition and quality

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