How to clean gold?

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How to clean gold?

Cleaning gold decorations, jewelry and interior trim is not difficult. However, we must be careful not to scratch this soft metal.

We can clean gold with a few home methods. We can also use chemicals and textiles designed for this purpose. This activity is not time-consuming and does not require a lot of work. However, it is worth paying attention to the intensity of rubbing the gold and appropriate tools. Otherwise, we can scratch gold objects because this metal is quite soft. Moreover, the higher its sample, the more susceptible it is to damage.

How to clean gold from characteristic tarnish?

Greenish, greyish or reddish tarnish on gold jewelry and cutlery is something each of us has probably encountered. It is nothing alarming. It is a natural chemical reaction – oxidation of elements contained in gold. The tarnish appears when gold meets copper or its alloys and when the bullion is contaminated with copper oxides of animal origin. To clean the tarnish one should use spirit and a soft cloth. Wiping the gold several times will make its beautiful color return.

How to clean white gold?

Items and jewelry made of white gold are very delicate. To prevent damage, they should be handled carefully. Avoid abrasion, contact with detergents and store properly. Shine is characteristic for white gold. To bring out the beauty of this bullion again, it is necessary to return them to the jeweler and undergo rhodium plating. This is the only effective method of cleaning white gold and restoring its original appearance.

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Home methods for cleaning gold

Among the most popular methods of cleaning gold using home methods are: cleaning with dish liquid, baking soda, lemon juice and denatured alcohol. If we have any of these ingredients on hand, we can successfully undertake cleaning gold on our own.

We can start with washing gold objects with a soft cloth (microfiber or chamois leather) or a very soft brush (e.g. toothbrush) and a solution of water and dishwashing liquid. Lighter dirt should come right off. If we are dealing with heavily soiled gold items, stronger agents should be implemented.

The first way is to combine a glass of warm water, a few drops of dish liquid and ½ teaspoon of soda. Into such prepared solution you should put the object for half an hour, and then gently scrub. The next steps are to rinse the item under running water and carefully dry it.

Another method is to use a slurry of baking soda and water. This method is not recommended for high purity gold. Cover the soiled gold items with the slurry, let it work for a while and then wipe it off. Finish the procedure by rinsing and drying the gold gadgets.

Natural acids are also helpful in cleaning gold: lemon juice or vinegar. It is enough to scrub a gold item with a cloth soaked in acid. Other agents, which can successfully clean gold, include: denatured alcohol, ammonia, and even onion juice. Remember to rinse gold under running water and dry it after each cleaning process.

Specialized liquids, agents and cloths

In jewelry stores and in professional stores with interior accessories we can find chemical agents for cleaning gold. The most popular are liquids, pastes and cloths. Thanks to their use we have a guarantee of effectiveness and safety of gold objects that we want to clean.

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