The Top 5 Flower Essences for Animals (That Work Wonders)

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The Top 5 Flower Essences for Animals (That Work Wonders)

Flower essences have been used in holistic healing since the 19th century, and they continue to be used today with great success by pet owners and animal lovers of all kinds around the world. Whether you’re a professional animal caretaker or an amateur pet lover looking to give your furry friend the best, these five flower essences are among the most popular and effective pet-related flower essences available anywhere on the market today. And they work wonders!

Benefits of Using Flower Essences for Animals

Essences for Animals are remedies made from distilled water and the energetic imprint of flowers. These are typically used for one of two reasons: to heal an animal’s body, or to heal the emotional cause of an animal’s illness. They work with the energy and vibrational patterns of animals’ instincts and behaviors to facilitate balance, as well as strength, patience, love, courage, happiness, independence, and the ability to stand up for oneself. Here are different benefits of using these:

  1. It can help reduce stress in both humans and animals by releasing negative thoughts, emotions, memories, and beliefs that can accumulate over time. 
  2. It is especially useful when they have been frightened by an event such as fireworks or a storm; it helps them calm down and get back to feeling their normal selves again. 
  3. For the ones who tend to be nervous around people or other pets, it will help them gain confidence and make new friends more easily. 
  4. When someone has multiple pets, they can each receive their remedy which will help create harmony among all of them. 
  5. Many times animals act out aggressively because they don’t know how else to communicate what they’re feeling inside. Giving an animal this remedy allows them to feel their feelings more fully so they know how to communicate better. 
  6. A lot of pet owners use these to prevent sicknesses like kennel cough, mange, fleas, mites, worms, hot spots, and ear infections. 
  7. These remedies also treat skin disorders like allergies due to changes in diet or environment, matting hair coat caused by poor grooming habits, or shedding seasonality 
  8. Additionally, they can even help fight against cancer cells and tumors.  
  9. Finally, many veterinarians recommend these to give relief during stressful periods such as going to the vet or boarding a kennel. 
  10. Some dogs enjoy the taste of the remedy, while others might need to be coaxed with a favorite food before taking it. It’s best not to force any animal to take this remedy if they refuse. 

Top 5 Flower Essences for Animals

Each year, many of our pets develop conditions like ADD, IBS, separation anxiety, and/or aggression for reasons we don’t understand. For these animals and for the ones with other non-physical problems too – like a hyperactive dog who will never calm down. They are one of the best and gentlest approaches to naturally addressing problems. These work wonders because they impart particular healing energies. If your pet is agitated and looking out the window waiting for you to return home, the Petal Promise Essence will relieve their anxiety while they wait by engaging their sweet longing for you to return. Here are some best flower essences for pets:

  1. The Rose Essence

It helps them overcome sadness or grief when a loved one has passed away or when they have been left alone in the house all day long. 

  1. Peaceful Sleep 

It is perfect for those pets that won’t stay in bed at night or stay still during the day while you’re gone. 

  1. The Chamomile Essence 

It helps soothe your animal if he’s stressed out, anxious, or afraid.  There are also many occasions where it helps induce sleep. 

  1. Pink Daisy Essence 

It is used as an anti-depressant for those dogs and cats that just seem lost without a purpose in life. Some pets can be very depressed after the loss of a family member or friend. It brings new hope to the grieving animal, helping him realize that his life can still be filled with love and joy even after this traumatic event. 

  1. Larch Lily Essence 

A sense of loneliness could be what is causing your pet stress, depression, or excessive barking/frenzied activity.

You see, the body and mind are one unit. What we do to our bodies, does not always just stay there. What we put into our minds and what emotions we take with us through life often translate into physical reactions. An animal that is stressed or anxious will produce excess cortisol, causing a myriad of physical reactions from fidgeting to thinning coats. It can help restore balance by reducing cortisol levels and promoting feelings of happiness. To have the best pieces in town, have a look here!

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