How to take care of gold and silver jewelry?

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How to take care of gold and silver jewelry?

Every woman usually has different types of jewelry. Many accessories are made of silver or gold. How to take care of them so that they keep their shine?

Women all over the world love jewelry. Most have quite a lot of it. The most valuable and also the most popular is that made of gold or silver. However, such pendants, rings and chains should be properly cared for so that they look beautiful and adorn their owner. 

Proper storage is important

Both gold and silver accessories should be properly stored so that they are not damaged. Putting, for example, several chains or bracelets in one box will not only make them tangle and tear as a result. A big problem is also the scratching of jewelry. Then it does not look its best. 

It is best to store jewelry in special caskets or drawers, which are lined with delicate material and have compartments, so that the pieces do not tangle and rub against each other, which could cause scratches. 

Avoid contact of accessories with chemicals

In order to keep your jewelry looking like new for longer, it’s a good idea to make sure that it doesn’t come into contact with all sorts of chemicals. That’s why it’s a good idea to take it off, for example, when cleaning. This applies mainly to rings. Interestingly, accessories should also be put away in the casket during home beauty treatments, as not only perfume or hairspray can contain chemicals harmful to metals.

Remove jewelry before visiting the gym

Jewelry should always be removed before any physical activity. Not only can a bracelet or chain be torn during sports. You can also snag something, putting your health and safety at risk. It is also important to remember that both gold and silver do not like sweat. Toxins secreted during exercise can make discoloration appear on jewelry.

Water can also harm

Water can also make jewelry lose its luster and cause discoloration to appear on it. That’s why you should take it off when bathing or washing your hands. On vacation, too, it’s a good idea to refrain from wearing it, especially if you want to swim in the salty sea or chlorinated pool water.

Remember to clean it properly

Gold and silver jewelry is very easy to damage due to improper cleaning. Silver, in particular, darkens quickly, so it requires regular treatment to keep it stunningly shiny. Jewelry should not be cleaned with toothpaste with particles and a hard toothbrush, for example. Many people think that this is a good method, unfortunately, then it is easy to scratch the pendant or bracelet. 

Jewelry should be washed gently, using special preparations or cleaners. You can also return the accessories to a jeweler, who will use specialized methods to make the ornaments look like new.

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