How to eat with chopsticks? Here are some practical tips

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How to eat with chopsticks? Here are some practical tips

Asian cuisine is gaining popularity. An inseparable part of it are chopsticks, which are used to eat noodles or sushi. However, eating with chopsticks is not as difficult as it may seem, if you want to finally learn how to eat with sushi chopsticks, be sure to read on.

Is there one type of chopsticks?

The history of this most popular cutlery in the world reaches as far back as 3 thousand years and, as it turns out, a chopstick is not equal to a chopstick. This is because we divide chopsticks into Chinese and Japanese ones. Chinese chopsticks are about 26 centimeters long and are made of bamboo or polished wood. They are also tapered towards the end. Japanese chopsticks, on the other hand, are made of lacquered wood (they are lacquered to make them waterproof), as well as bamboo or even porcelain or ivory. Their length is 3 centimeters shorter than the Chinese ones, and the ends are tapered like in the Chinese ones, but they are sharpened.

Can chopsticks be chosen according to oneself?

It turns out that yes and it is very simple. All you need to do is to make a right angle (90 degrees) between your thumb and forefinger, then measure the distance from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your forefinger and multiply the result by 1.5. The result you get is the length of the chopstick you are most comfortable holding

What not to do with chopsticks at the table?

Before you learn how to eat with chopsticks, you need to know a few basic things. Among other things, that Asians place great importance on how they behave at the table. It may be seen as disrespectful or disrespectful to bang your chopsticks against yourself or the table, or to wave them around. It is also forbidden to thrust the chopsticks into the food (as it resembles thrusting into a victim), and it is also in bad taste to stir the soup with chopsticks. An interesting superstition at the Asian table is that broken or crossed chopsticks bring bad luck. Chopsticks must also not be dropped on the floor, this – according to Asians – disturbs the peace of ancestors.

Keep in mind that chopsticks are a kind of cutlery, so don’t do with them what you shouldn’t do at the table with a knife and fork! When you know what not to do with chopsticks and how to choose them, it is time to answer the question: how to learn to eat with chopsticks?

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How to eat with chopsticks?

When you already have all the most important information in the back of your head – it’s time to act. Take chopsticks in your hand, designate one of them as the stationary element and place it between your index finger and thumb, hold it with your heart and middle finger. The second element, or your “moving” stick, must be placed parallel to the stationary element, hold it with your thumb and index finger. Your upper stick will help you grab the food, while the lower one (the stationary one) will hold it. Remember to use your thumb and forefinger when making your chopstick movements. It’s not that hard, right? I’m sure you’re also wondering how to eat particular Asian dishes. This is also a simple matter. You can drink the soup just like you would from a cup, and simply eat what’s left over using chopsticks. When it comes to sushi, grab individual pieces with chopsticks, dip them in soy sauce, and put them in your mouth. You need to know that traditional sushi eating has its own rules – each piece is one bite, and you can’t leave broken pieces in the bowl or on the plate. You should also not cut the sushi

You are probably wondering how to eat ramen and other such dishes with chopsticks. It turns out that the instruction on how to eat with chopsticks is universal for eating any Asian cuisine, not just sushi

Chopsticks for beginners?

Yes, you see correctly, there are chopsticks for beginners. They are called waribashi, and they are made from a single piece of wood. These chopsticks are joined together, just break them lengthwise. These types of chopsticks are available in many Asian restaurants

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