How to care for dry skin?

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How to care for dry skin?

It is thin and often resembles parchment paper. It is easily irritated and flaky. If you suffer from dry skin, check out how to care for it on a daily basis to enjoy nice and well-groomed skin.

Why is skin dry?

When the epidermal layer does not perform its function as it should, problems begin. Dryness is when your skin produces too little sebum, which in turn disrupts the hydrolipid economy. When there are not enough lipids in the stratum corneum, the skin’s oiliness level is low.

Lipids are important because they also retain the water the skin needs. If they are lacking, the state of hydration is inadequate. The skin becomes rough, dull and flaky. It is not very elastic and tight. At this point, it is worth betting on proper care.

Typical symptoms of dry skin:

  • it peels and wrinkles,
  • a strong tightening sensation, especially after washing,
  • redness appears,
  • only a very greasy cream can improve the skin’s condition for a while,
  • it often burns and itches,
  • it reacts badly to weather conditions,
  • it is gray and dull, without a nice shine,
  • it is delicate and thin,
  • wrinkles appear quickly.

How to protect dry skin? Golden rules

When your skin cannot cope on its own, you need to help it. Dry skin will be less dehydrated if you use lukewarm or even cold water to wash it. Hot streams further irritate and dry out the complexion. Prevent the extra stress and take special care of it. In particular:

  • protect it from harmful factors – protect it from UV rays, using appropriate creams with filters; do not expose it to prolonged sun exposure; in winter, apply greasy creams to protect it from cold and wind;
  • be careful with excessive cleansing – use scrubs, but only non-invasive, that is not mechanical, but enzymatic based on natural ingredients; suitable for dry skin will be: clay, fruit acids, marine algae or active carbon
  • cleanse gently – do not irritate the skin additionally with an excessive massage or rubbing; use preparations, which in addition to cleansing additionally moisturize and nourish, such as oils and extracts from plants; recommended are such ingredients as: aloe vera, mountain arnica, lavender, soapwort or chamomile
  • introduce additional care – help the skin to maintain proper pH, use toners, mists and hydrolats every day, which will moisturize it. Raspberry, rose, coconut, cornflower and jasmine are recommended for dry skin care;
  • apply cream daily – it is an essential cosmetic in skin care, because it helps to form a protective layer on the skin. Use natural creams that contain jojoba, baobab or almond oils; emollients and hyaluronic acid are also recommended;
  • use masks – they provide concentrated ingredients and support your skin more strongly; thick and creamy masks, which have in their composition protein, vitamin E, sea algae, oats or goat’s milk are recommended for this skin type.

Dry skin care

In addition to the above-mentioned rules, remember that the key role in the care of dry skin is played by daily habits. Therefore, try to remember to spray your skin with a moisturizing hydrolate or a mist during the day, especially in summer. Carry such a preparation with you at all times

Use toners appropriate for your skin, because they restore the pH balance of your skin. Always apply creams after cleansing. Even several times a day. Exfoliate gently only once a week. Do not use products with parabens, SLS, SLES and carbomers.


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