The most fashionable swimsuits of the season – what to bet on?

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The most fashionable swimsuits of the season – what to bet on?

Another holiday season means more cuts and designs of swimsuits that win the hearts of women. Meet the most popular outfits for the beaches this year! 

String bikinis 

A trend that returned to favor this year is strings. This applies not only to swimsuits, but also to blouses, tops or skirts. In the case of swimwear, strings appear in a variety of variations, including as decoration under the bust, on the back or on the shoulders. 

Strapless tops 

If strings are not the solution for you and you prefer to sunbathe without additional patterns on your body, then a strapless top is ideal for you. A strapless bikini top must be perfectly fitted to your bust size, so that it won’t fall off while you’re sunbathing or swimming. The tops themselves come in a variety of cuts that properly enhance the bust and give the whole thing a particular shape. The embellishment of this type of swimsuit top can be cutouts under the breasts or fussy ties, which give the whole thing a unique look. 


Another hit of this holiday season is a one-piece swimsuit with distinctive cutouts, popularly known as a monokini. This swimsuit has cut-out fabric on the stomach and back to accentuate a woman’s shapely body. Thanks to this model, the waistline and abdominal muscles are perfectly visible. The cut out technique allows different variations in the cut out of the material, for example, only on one side, so surely each lady will find something for herself. 


In addition to specific patterns and cuts, selected prints placed on clothes are also gaining popularity. This season the most popular is the popular leopard print. Swimsuits decorated with a mottled pattern go well with a variety of cuts and add a fashionable touch to the look. 


This season, swimwear designers are coming up with many creative solutions to help women feel comfortable on the beach. One such idea is the crease placed at belly level in a one-piece swimsuit. A tight swimsuit can often highlight imperfections that we prefer to hide on a daily basis. Creasing the fabric in this area helps hide a protruding belly and emphasize the bust. 

Deep cutouts 

If cutouts in the style of a monokini swimsuit are not enough, there are also bolder proposals among the most fashionable cuts of this year. Among one-piece swimsuits, we can find models that have the neckline cut all the way to the navel. Ladies, however, who would prefer to focus on sunbathing and exposing the back, can look for similar models with a cutout at the back. 

Intense colors 

There were patterns, there were models, there were prints, so it’s time for this season’s most fashionable colors of swimwear. Classically, black and white will work great. However, holiday fashion experts emphasize that this year bright orange will be glaring on the beaches. This shade is great for highlighting a tan, looks great with gold accessories and perfectly alludes to the summer climate of the beach. 

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