How to care for a monstera?

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How to care for a monstera?

Monstera is one of the most popular plants found in offices and living rooms. How to take care of it so that it delights everyone with its decorative leaves?

Monstera is one of the more popular potted plants found in offices, living rooms or bedrooms. Its secret lies in its simplicity and elegance. In natural conditions it is found in tropical forests The one we grow at home is characterized by beautiful, large, openwork leaves. However, in order for the plant to look magnificent – it must be properly cared for. What should be kept in mind?

What substrate?

As for the substrate, the monstera is not a very demanding plant. Therefore, it can be grown even by amateurs and people who do not have the so-called hand to flowers. The plant likes a permeable peat substrate, but you can use a mixture of, for example, peat and all-purpose soil.

The basis is the right position

Monstera should be set in a bright place, but without strong direct sunlight. A windowsill on the eastern side of the house will be perfect. Of course, in a shady place the plant will not be harmed, it will grow, but it will have fewer cuts on the leaves.

How often to water Monstera?

Monstera is not fond of too much moisture. In the spring, when it gets warmer, it is recommended to water it once a week and quite generously. After an hour, you need to pour out the excess water that will accumulate in the saucer – this is important if you want to avoid overwatering the flower. 

When it is colder, that is, in winter and autumn, Monstera should be watered less often – even once every 2 weeks. It is best to watch the top layer, when it gets very dry, it is a sign that it is time to water.

Support is important

Monstera should have a support, not much lower than itself. In this case, stakes of wood or bamboo will work well, they can be wrapped with coconut mat or moss. This will allow the plant to climb nicely. The plant should be tied to the stakes, using string or florist wire. 

Monstera – is fertilization needed?

Monstera is worth fertilizing, especially if you want the plant to grow faster. Experts recommend to do from March to August once every two weeks. If our flower stands in the shade every day, then it is worth strengthening it with preparations with nutrients every three weeks. In autumn and winter it is worth taking a break from fertilizing the plant.

How and when to repot Monstera?

For the first 3 years, a monstera should be repotted once a year. This applies mainly to a plant with small leaves and no larger than a meter. When the flower is a little older, it is no longer necessary to repot it or replace the pots with larger ones.

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