How do I properly water my lawn?

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How do I properly water my lawn?

A green, beautiful and well-maintained lawn is the result of an entire lawn care process that does not happen in a single day. The most important care element is efficient watering of the lawn, on which depends the growth of grass or turf in the right way

Beautiful grass in the garden, on the plot or in front of the house looks very attractive, but to enjoy it, you need to know how to water it properly. It turns out that many people have no idea and make various mistakes. Learn how to water your lawn and enjoy beautiful green grass

Important basics

Before we start any lawn watering, we need to know the basics that will make it significantly easier to take care of our green piece of land. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the time of watering. Any expert on the subject will immediately answer that the grass is best watered in the morning. This is when you can be sure that the water will get into the deeper layers. Some surplus need not be a problem; it will simply evaporate later. Watering the lawn in the morning also involves some responsibility, namely you have to get up early enough in the morning, so an alarm clock comes in handy. Now for the numbers. Your lawn needs up to 10 mm of water with every watering. Thus, 1m2 of lawn needs between 5 l and 10 l of water. It is best to water your lawn twice a week at the optimum temperature. However, there are notable exceptions. When temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius, then water the lawn up to three times per week. A newly planted lawn is different. Then you should water it every day so that the grass takes root better

There are different ways of watering a lawn

Let’s start with the basics – hand watering. When is it useful and how do you carry out the entire watering process? First of all, you have to bear in mind that when you water by hand, you can never be sure that you’re watering every single patch of ground evenly. That’s why watering a lawn by hand works well for small lawns, especially newly planted ones, or vegetable gardens. It’s important to pay attention to the type of jet. It needs to be well-distributed, preferably in the form of a mist. The watering time for small lawns should be up to 20 minutes, not longer. When a much larger lawn is involved, it is time to enter the interesting world of garden sprinklers. The first thing to note is that these types of sprinklers are not expensive. Another advantage is that they are simple to use and easy to move from place to place. The only requirement is access to a water source. Sprinkler models vary in water range, distribution method and shape. Therefore there is plenty of scope for adjusting them to your own preferences and conditions


For sprinklers or manual watering you need a garden hose. When shopping, pay attention to whether it is UV-resistant and has a high resistance to twisting and winding. If the hose does not meet these conditions, it will not serve us long. An interesting solution is to buy a ready-made set for watering. Then you do not have to worry about mismatched tips and sizes of connectors. It is worth remembering that the power supply of sprinklers is best for hoses with a diameter of about 19 mm. Then we are sure that, with a sizable diameter, they do not lose pressure even along their entire length

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