How do you prepare to become a parent?

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How do you prepare to become a parent?

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Waiting for the arrival of the baby is a special time. Often, however, in addition to great joy, parents-to-be feel doubts and wonder whether they will manage. It is natural, but it is worth preparing for this role in advance.

Childbirth school

It is a good idea to sign up to such a school already in the second trimester of pregnancy, preferably with an accompanying person. Usually the program of a birthing school includes both theoretical and practical classes. A qualified midwife may help you organize the knowledge you need to acquire before the baby arrives in the world. In a birthing school you can learn what each stage of childbirth looks like and how to breathe.


During pregnancy, both mothers-to-be and fathers can consult books written by doctors or other experienced parents. Often, these books will teach you a lot and give you encouragement. Among other things, there are psychological and medical books about the needs of the baby or books that make parents-to-be aware that parenting does not have to be perfect.

Forums, groups and websites

An excellent alternative to books is the Internet. Young parents are a very active social group, so it is easy to find forums where you can share your concerns and thoughts with other parents-to-be. On the website you will find plenty of tips and advice that may prove useful. They are provided by a psychotherapist and a mother of three, so you can be sure that the information on the website is trustworthy.

You do not have to be perfect

Having the right attitude about the upcoming changes is paramount. Fear is natural, but with the right attitude you can turn it into curiosity and more easily prepare for your role as a parent. Look for answers to your questions, but allow yourself to encounter parenting issues in real life. You do not have to possess all encyclopedic knowledge to be a good parent.

Layette for a newborn baby

In addition to the right attitude of parents-to-be, it is very important to buy the right things for the newborn. It is definitely best to do this well in advance, so that when the baby is born, everything will be prepared.

The baby’s room

Even if the baby will not have its own room, the space for it should be well planned. A crib and a closet for clothes will be necessary. A changing table and a table where you can put, for example, an electric baby-sitter may also be useful. The room should also contain an armchair or a sofa for the parent to sit on. It is also worth investing in a sleeping bag for the baby.


It is important that clothes for a small child are comfortable. Therefore, they should not have buttons or fasteners on the back or protruding seams. Every new item should be washed in a laundry detergent specifically made for baby items and then ironed.

When buying clothes for a toddler, you cannot overdo the quantity. Babies grow very fast, so buying too many pieces of clothing can mean that not all of them will be used at least once. When it comes to your baby’s winter closet, choose natural and air-permeable materials.

For the bath

A newborn baby should not be bathed every day. However, the right things are necessary for this. You will need: a gentle body wash or soap and a bathtub or a special bucket. To make bathing your baby easier, you can also buy a bath tub lounger and a water thermometer.

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