How do I clean my computer keyboard?

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How do I clean my computer keyboard?

The keyboard is the part of a computer, and even more so a laptop, that we very often forget about when cleaning our equipment. This is very unfortunate because keyboards get dirty very quickly and are difficult to clean. And when the accumulated dirt finally blocks the individual keys, it may turn out that you have to replace the equipment for a new one. We suggest how to avoid this! Keep reading and you’ll learn how to clean the keyboard on your laptop and more!

A tedious job

If you want to perform a thorough cleaning of your keyboard, you can unscrew all the keys and thus clean the entire space. This solution is mainly aimed at desktop computer owners, in a laptop, unskillful removal of keys can permanently damage the keyboard. Such keyboard cleaning does not require a financial outlay. You will need a lot of time, patience and a tool to remove all the keys, for example, a screwdriver. Before removing the keys, it is a good idea to take a picture of the keyboard, so you do not have to worry about putting the keys in the right place. You can carefully wipe the surface of the keyboard with a damp (not wet!) cloth, while the keys can be easily washed under running water and, for example, with a dishwashing liquid. Remember, however, to dry them thoroughly before placing them back on the keyboard

A dryer for more than just drying

If you don’t have the patience and nerve to clean your keyboard as painstakingly as described above, you can remove any dust and grime between the keys with a hair dryer. Compressed air will work on the same principle – you can buy it in computer stores without much trouble. Remember that compressed air condenses. It is therefore advisable to keep the compressed air at a slightly greater distance from the keyboard to avoid damaging it. Cleaning the keyboard with a hairdryer or compressed air will be suitable if your hardware does not require a deep cleaning, but only a sweeping of dust and lint. This method is also the answer to the question of how to clean the keyboard in your laptop? – this is because it is a safe cleaning for laptop keyboards.

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Mini vacuum

Wondering how to clean a mechanical keyboard? A pretty effective way to clean such keyboards are tiny USB vacuum cleaners. This is not an expensive way, because such a gadget can be easily bought on allegro for less than 10 zlotys. Just plug the vacuum cleaner to the USB port on your computer or laptop and vacuum the spaces between the keys

Not only vacuuming

Remember that the keyboard is a carrier of many bacteria. It’s even been said that there’s more bacteria on a keyboard than… a toilet seat! So it’s a good idea to disinfect it from time to time. Which one? Certainly not ethyl alcohol, because using it can only spoil the keyboard. It is best to get isopropylene alcohol, it will be safe for our equipment, and also will disinfect the keys. All you need to do is soak an ear bud in isopropyl alcohol and wipe the entire surface of the keyboard. Remember, however, that the stick should not be too wet, electronic devices do not like moisture. This method of cleaning and sanitizing the keyboard has one, but quite a big drawback – together with dirt and bacteria, letters, numbers and other characters will disappear from the keys. Therefore, before using isopropylene alcohol, you should buy new stickers for the keyboard

Unusual solutions

If you are still wondering how to clean the keyboard in your laptop or computer, here is another solution. To clean the keyboard in your computer or laptop, you can use office supplies that you have on hand. Just take some sticky notes and slide the sticky side between the keys. All the dirt will stick to the paper. Double-sided adhesive tape will work the same way – the best is double-sided, because it can clean a larger area in one go. Unfortunately, this is a time-consuming solution and, let’s face it, it will only work if the keyboard only needs a minor cleaning. On a temporary basis, it is worth to deal with the dust between the keys in such a way


All sorts of glue, slime or Cyber Clean will also work, if your keyboard does not require a thorough cleaning. The previously mentioned products are sticky masses, which adhere to any surface (only parents know how hard it is to remove slime from carpet ;)). We can spread these masses on the keyboard, so all the crumbs and dust will stick to the sticky surface. Cyber Clean, unlike slime, has germicidal properties, so it is worth buying this product. It costs about 24 zł. Unfortunately, gadgets, like sticky notes or adhesive tape, are only a temporary solution and will not clean up a lot of dirt

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