How do you prepare for your first long car ride?

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How do you prepare for your first long car ride?

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The vacations have arrived, and with them comes the season of travel and vacations. For many young drivers, this means embarking on their first ever long road trip in a car, and perhaps their first drive in another major city. A long road trip requires proper preparation and planning. See how to plan your first long car journey

Check the technical condition of the car

Before a long drive it is essential to check the technical condition of your car. Check also the oil levels, brake fluid, buy a reserve of windscreen washer fluid so that nothing can surprise you on the way. Being sure that everything in your car is working perfectly will give you peace of mind. Also make sure you have valid insurance, the penalties for driving without third party liability are really high, and the insurance company will cover the cost of any repairs in case of, for example, a bump. If your insurance has expired, be sure to buy a new package before you hit the road. In order to find the most advantageous offer that suits your needs, you can use a third party insurance comparison engine, thanks to which you can quickly and easily browse the packages available to you

Feel confident behind the wheel

If you’re still an inexperienced driver, take some time to feel really confident behind the wheel. With total stability and fitness behind the wheel, you’ll be able to get through your journey smoothly and without any fuss. For example, if you’re going to a big city that you haven’t been to yet, practice driving in the city, changing lanes, traffic circles and merging into traffic dynamically. Only then will you be able to drive the whole way without stress. Remember that you can also buy additional training. Warsaw or any other big city in Poland can be full of difficulties and traps for a young driver. To avoid dangerous and frightening situations, buy additional driving lessons with an instructor

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Plan breaks

If you’re driving from Szczecin to the Bieszczady Mountains, be prepared for a long drive. Driving for long periods of time is exhausting for both body and mind. The unnatural position of the body and the tension on the road can cause back pain, headaches, neck pain, and of course impairs concentration. On long journeys, plan stops to stretch your bones and regain your strength. If the route is really long, don’t hesitate to buy an overnight stop midway through to get some rest and sleep before continuing on the road. Maybe a long-time driver can easily drive for six hours straight, but even two or three hours behind the wheel can be exhausting for those just gaining experience. Don’t worry about what others think or what your passengers complain about. You are the driver, and if you don’t feel up to it, take a break to drink some coffee and recuperate

It’s also a good idea to ride with another driver who can take your place if you get out of shape. Especially if you’re going to be out on the road very early in the morning, you may feel very tired before noon. In this situation, it is a good idea to have someone to replace you in the driver’s seat and let you rest

A long road trip for a novice driver is stressful and stressful. Be kind to yourself and give yourself as much time as you need. Don’t give in to pressure from passengers, for example to go faster or skip a stop. Whoever is behind the wheel rules the car!

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