Cat bed – how to choose the best one?

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Cat bed – how to choose the best one?

If you are the owner of a cat, you have surely managed to find out how comfortable lazy cats are. They can do nothing all day long and all they need is a comfortable bed. That’s right. How to choose a cat bed for your cat to make him feel comfortable and happy?

Types of cat beds

To begin with, the most important thing is that you learn about the most popular suggestions for cat beds. There are the following types:

  • classic – such a cat bed is the standard and comfort for both the owner and the pet. As far as the owner is concerned, this type of bed is relatively easy to clean. Additionally, its small size will be suitable for many places in the house. Classic beds can be found in both hard and soft versions, so you can meet the requirements of both the bed lazier and the windowsill lover;
  • hanging – this option includes a cat bed for the wall or a designer hammock. This type of rest is a treat for pets who like to relax at heights. Additionally, it doesn’t take up any space on the floor, so it’s perfect for small areas;
  • kennels – when it comes to the cat bed, wicker should be a good choice. First of all, it is a material that looks great in every apartment, and additionally it is resistant to damages, which the feline companion quite often causes. Kennels are a good option for a pet that likes to hide. The privacy that this type of bedding gives will make the little one rest best

Your cat’s style bed – how do you fit it?

It’s worth it if you decide on a bed that meets your cat’s needs first. After all, if you make the wrong choice you still won’t convince your pet to take a new rest. Cats are stubborn by nature and make their own decisions. But how do you know what will be the right choice? It is simple!

If you notice that your cat often sits on the windowsill, the closet or the back of the sofa, consider a hanging bed. Certainly, your cat will be happy with a high up rest that others will have a hard time accessing.

However, when your cat prefers a shaded and covered area, such as a bookcase, it makes sense for you to opt for a kennel. Such a solution can be good for your pet’s psychological comfort and will allow him to rest in peace and quiet.

It happens that cats love soft couches, comfortable armchairs or even their owners’ beds. If this is what your cat is like, then you should opt for a classic bed that will give the most comfort to your pet. A large, open space with no side walls will allow him to relax freely.

What should I consider when choosing a bed?

It is important not to overlook the features which make the bed comfortable for your cat. Such determinants may be:

  • size – the size of the bed depends on the size of your cat. It should be chosen in such a way that your pet can freely stretch out in it;
  • softness – this is another element which should be chosen individually to the cat’s needs. If your pet prefers hard sills, it’s worth giving up soft, sinking mattresses because they may not be his style. The situation is the same the other way around. If your cat loves your soft bed, he will be rather reluctant to use a hard mattress.

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