4 benefits of regular swimming in the pool

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4 benefits of regular swimming in the pool

Swimming is a special kind of physical activity, accessible to everyone, that is a lot of fun and a proven way to stay healthy and fit. Wondering if it’s for you? Read the text below, find out the greatest benefits of regular swimming in the pool and convince yourself that it is worth it.

1. Improved fitness

Regular attendance at the pool will make you definitely improve your fitness and breathing capacity. Swimming is an activity that engages a very large group of muscles and improves motor coordination. In addition, swimming requires a person to put more force into each movement because the body has to deal with water resistance, which translates into a highly effective workout with low stress on the joints and musculoskeletal system. The multitude of swimming styles also determines the exceptional versatility and promotes the overall development of the human body. Fitness and physical endurance also mean the efficiency of the heart and cardiovascular system, and swimming is one of the disciplines most often recommended by specialists to people who are struggling with various problems in this background or want to take effective preventive measures. Swimming and other water activities can be enjoyed, among others, in the aquapark area of the Victoria Hotel, about which you can read more at

2. Weight loss and body shaping

Another benefit of regular swimming in the pool is the ability to lose weight. Being in a pool and constantly fighting against the resistance of the water, you have to put more energy into staying afloat or moving than you would on land. Systematic physical activity in water also stimulates metabolic processes, and their acceleration is automatically associated with more efficient burning of fat tissue. However, losing excess weight is not everything. Swimming uses a wide variety of muscle groups, thanks to which you can effectively increase muscle mass and model your entire silhouette.

3. Protection for your joints

Swimming in a pool is a very universal type of activity because it can be practiced regardless of age or physical predispositions. The possibility of optimal adjustment of the swimming pace or style allows virtually everyone to swim, even people who, for health reasons, were forced to give up other forms of activity. It is possible because swimming in a pool does not strain the joints and spine and gives a chance for safe strengthening of muscles and the whole motor system. For this reason, swimming is recommended for elderly people and those suffering from joint diseases. Water activity is also recommended for people struggling with excess weight, struggling with injuries, rehabilitating themselves or trying to cope with posture defects.

4. A way to regenerate mentally and reduce stress

Physical effort in water causes the appearance of endorphins, i.e. hormones causing joy and good mood. In water, a person feels comfortable and calm. Individual swimming in water allows you to calm down and relax, while attending a swimming pool in a group is a great idea to combine activity with fun. In addition, exertion in the pool provides a micromassage of the body and relaxation of all tissues. In addition, taking into account the previously described aspects, in the case of the elderly or those recovering from injuries, a pool is an excellent way for safe recreation, which is free from concerns about the risk of re-injury. Relaxation in water in perfect conditions guarantees Victoria hotel.

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