How do you strengthen your body after an injury?

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How do you strengthen your body after an injury?

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Even the best athletes get injuries that prevent them from training for months. Returning to normal activity right after an injury can cause it to recur or even worsen. The body regenerates at its own pace and you should give it time to do so. After a period of rehabilitation, it is a good idea to start moving again to slowly get back into shape. See how you can strengthen your body after injury in small steps.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

If the injury was serious, don’t start any exercise on your own. Start your return to physical activity with rehabilitation under the guidance of a specialist and physiotherapy to prepare your muscles for renewed exercise. There are plenty of accessories used in the rehabilitation process, such as foam blocks, gym balls and a trampoline. Acting on your own without the help of an expert can end very badly and do more harm than good. Any exercises that you want to introduce, consult with a physical therapist first, so that they do not interfere with the intention of the whole treatment. For your own health and safety, it really is better to trust someone who knows about the human body

Yoga – a way to strengthen muscles in a gentle way

A great and very gentle way to re-enter the world of sports and physical activity is yoga. This form of training involves primarily listening to your body and responding to its messages. Therefore, there is no place for forceful stretching of asanas despite pain, straining already strained muscles or exerting yourself beyond your limits. Yoga can of course be tiring and intensive, but at the beginning, as a form of return to exercise, it should be very gentle and warm up and strengthen the muscles stiffened by a long lack of movement. You don’t need much for this kind of training, for the very beginning all you really need is a yoga mat and possibly some books tied with string, which will replace the blocks at the beginning, facilitating new asanas

Strengthening your whole body after an illness or injury

If you’ve spent the last few weeks in bed, without working out or even walking, it’s a good idea to get in shape by using equipment from your home gym. For example, you can use a stationary bike or a treadmill to cover a mile or two at a walking pace. Orbiter bikes and rowing machines are also suitable for this purpose. Over time you can increase both the distance and pace of your training, but remember not to increase too much. Watch your body and adjust the intensity of your workout to your health condition. It is better not to overload the body, which is still recovering. This will not only cause a regression in recovery, but also hinder further progress

Diet and supplementation

When recovering from an injury or illness, in addition to movement, what you put into your diet is extremely important. Consult your doctor to determine the ideal diet for you during this time. Also make sure you take supplements to support your body’s healing and regeneration processes. Support your immune system, your organs, and your body to recover as quickly as possible. A proper diet is the other part of the key to success in strengthening your body again.

Any injury, no matter how serious, can cause a lot of problems with physical activity. Give your body time to recover. Support it and try to disturb it as little as possible, and then you’ll be back in shape in no time

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