What decorations can be placed on a bedroom wall?

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What decorations can be placed on a bedroom wall?

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to freshen up your bedroom is to use the blank wall above the bed. You can put art there, come up with a wall gallery design, or find other creative ways to spruce up the empty space


Great lighting is one of the most important elements of a bedroom. You can use the wall above the bed to hang it and create a focal point for the room. It is great for both direct reading light and mood lighting. It looks good for almost all styles. You can use wall sconces or light fixtures depending on your preferred arrangement.


If you don’t want to hang heavier items, consider hanging a woven tapestry. They’re lightweight and soft, so there’s no worry about them falling off. They also add color and texture and come in many different styles, including rustic, boho, eclectic and mid-century modern.

Hanging Plants

If you love a jungle vibe or nature-inspired interiors, hang a plant above your bed! It can be a single hanging one or several gathered together. You can also balance them with art and they can be real or artificial plants, depending on what you like. Such a composition is perfect for boho and coastal style bedrooms.

Photo shelf

Hang a photo shelf above your bed where you can display leaning artwork, photos, plants and decorations. This creates a focal point and you can also change the items according to your needs. Great for eclectic, boho, modern and contemporary styles.


A woven basket on the wall is a great way to create a gallery effect. You can hang it off center for a unique look. It’s also lighter than framed pictures and works well if you don’t like hanging heavy pieces on your walls. Vary the sizes and designs of the baskets for an original look, perfect for eclectic, coastal and boho styles.

String lights and unframed art

String lights are a good alternative to traditional lamps and lights, and give the impression of a casual and youthful style. You can add a fun touch, they are lightweight, inexpensive and easy to add and remove as needed. Framed posters are inexpensive and will complement the arrangement perfectly

Decorative headboard

A carved wood headrest that is tall enough to look like art is a beautiful decorative accent. High headrests add visual texture above the bed and are great for high ceilings and minimalist styling.


Two mirrors grouped together above the bed create an amazing visual effect. This look works with a low headboard, making the mirrors appear to be the focal point. This visually opens up the space and is great for chic and glamorous spaces. This is also good for small spaces as the mirrors make them appear much larger.


For a stunning design, place bedroom wall murals on the wall behind the bed. They work like a large piece of art and are great for large spaces. This is a good choice for minimalist and eclectic designs. You can use any wallpaper you like depending on your taste and overall style. A bedroom with a wallpaper will look really interesting!

A single work of art

For a simple yet striking look, hang a single piece of art above your bed. It works great in symmetrical and formal spaces, and is a beautiful accent in bedrooms with a minimalist look.

Wall Gallery

Perfect for showcasing style! Works well in both casual and formal spaces, depending on the content of the art. You can change elements and colors, and it adds personality and color to the space. This design looks great in modern, eclectic, rustic and mid-century glamour styles.

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