Scars: The Visible Reminder

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Scars: The Visible Reminder

For many, a scar is a visual reminder of injury and pain. When you look in the mirror, do you wish your scar was gone? There is an ever-increasing demand for tattoo removal, with many seeking ways to erase any physical traces of an injury. But does it make sense to incorporate scar removal into a tattoo?

In terms of design, a tattoo artist might use a scar as part of their creation. When inking on top of an existing scar, they can blend existing lines, while also bringing some new elements to the design. Scarred skin also absorbs ink better, allowing for sharper definition and vibrancy.

Scar removal itself has been possible for a number of years, but its efficacy has largely depended on the size and severity of the scar. One method involves introducing pigment into the area, essentially creating a faux-tattoo over the scarred area.

Non-Invasive Solutions For Scar Removal

Scar removal is a broad field, offering numerous approaches to reduce their visibility. While a large number of laser treatments have been successful in treating shallow and moderately-sized scars, such treatments can be extremely costly.

More recently, skin clinics have offered injectable dermal fillers for scar removal. This type of solution involves directly targeting scars with a topical medication. These topical agents work to remove damaged and scarred cells, encouraging new and healthy cells to form in their place. The primary benefit here is that this process is minimally invasive, requires no anesthesia, and requires no hospital stays.

While these methods may not fully erase a scar, they can make a noticeable difference. They also present an alternative solution for those seeking scar removal, especially when it comes to smaller and more shallow scars.


Whether you have a small, superficial scar, or a more pronounced injury, there are ways to reduce its visibility. Of course, there is also the possibility of creating a tattoo incorporating scar into its design. Doing so might even add a deeper layer of meaning and significance to the design.

Ultimately, scar removal will depend on the size, depth and type of the scar, as well as your individual needs and preferences. The keyword here is consultation. Be sure to seek professional advice when considering any treatment, in order to ensure you make an informed decision about tattooing over, or attempting to remove, any scar.

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