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Is store positioning for everyone? Our suggestions!

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Is store positioning for everyone? Our suggestions!

The network attracts many entrepreneurs interested in achieving high earnings in a relatively short period of time and this fact should not be surprising. Network also offers many promising business solutions. Try Wix SEO Audit, check best Chicago SEO services, or look at iCEA Group ofert with stunning Denver SEO possibilities! There are uncountable ways of promoting your business, it’s a blessing which came to us with e-commerce.

The e-commerce industry is gaining popularity every year and this is the result of a number of changes in trade and services. Despite its many advantages, e-commerce also has many disadvantages. These include, above all, the enormous competition that makes it more and more difficult to be competitive in this market literally every year.

The most important tool in the hands of the entrepreneur during the fight against low visibility of the site in the network is definitely positioning. This process, despite its huge technical advancement, is a basic marketing activity, therefore its use is very crucial from an entrepreneur’s point of view. Look, deciding to give a try to Wix SEO audit won’t even cost You any penny. In most cases, audits are being offered for free, in order to show how it works, and why e-commerce is already strong enough to guarantee stable promotion for your business. Of course there are different CMS’es, but by knowing how accessible Wix is, Wix SEO audit is what we want to suggest. 

Why is SEO so popular nowadays?

Most beginner entrepreneurs do not associate the word “positioning” with anything, but in fact this name has a lot to do with its ultimate goal, which is to achieve a high position in the content search engine – Google. Every internet user uses Google search engine primarily to find new stores, companies, portals and blogs on the web, so it is very important to be in the top position. The position of each website is determined by Google’s algorithm. It collects data from every publicly accessible website with the help of Google robots, which are small scripts that continuously search the entire web. 

Google results consist of individual pages known as SERPs – Search Engine Results Page. It is worth it to be in them as high as possible. Internet users carefully watch only one – two, up to three pages in the listing, so the primary goal of most positioners is to be among them. If we talk about SERP listing, it’s important to recommend working with a verified and trusted agency. Freelancing is cool, but for self-promotion. Talking about real business demand, is to discuss profitable cooperations possible to enter into the international market. At the beginning of the article we mentioned Denver SEO services by iCEA Group. iCEA is not only an SEO agency. The team consists of IT professionals, marketers, web developers, and visual designers, who provide complex strategy, it’s additional to promotion materials, and guarantee 100% profitable product. The iCEA Group, throughout the years’ development, was allowed to travel from Poland to India and USA, where the Group provides services. As we see, it’s not only effective Denver SEO, iCEA conquers the US market!

Learn about positioning from the technical side

Positioning/SEO is an action aimed at improving the visibility of the site in the network and consists primarily in meeting all the guidelines of Google’s algorithm. Unfortunately its work is secret, and Google does not publish any information on how it calculates the position of a chosen website, but only the basic aspects that every positioner should pay attention to. Activities are divided into three stages, among which should be mentioned:

  • SEO audit. As part of the audit, the company conducting positioning analyzes the entire website in terms of its compliance with the algorithm. This stage is absolutely crucial, which is why most SEO agencies conduct it even before the final signing of the contract. Why? Because in this way they are able to get acquainted with its current state and plan the strategy of action and communicate the price for the target position to the client.
  • On-site activities. This step is all about making any changes to the site resulting from the audit. This stage is by far the longest, most difficult and most prone to the appearance of errors, which can be very costly. Some of them lead to lowering the position of a given website, but some may result in its complete removal from the listings. SEO agencies within this stage will make all the changes to the source code of the page, including saturating each subpage with key phrases and possibly creating more if needed.
  • Off-site activities. This step, despite being by far the shortest and seemingly the least demanding, has a decisive influence on the final results. You should take care of creating the largest possible base of links leading to the positioned website.

All these actions have an impact on the effectiveness, therefore they should always be carried out with due diligence and commissioned only to the best specialists. Many people are guided only by the price of the service – this is a big mistake, it is worth paying attention to the reputation of the company and the number of actions carried out so far. Seeing an ad telling You about Best Chicago SEO, be aware. We have not lived since yesterday, when someone’s hit the market, He/She/it will always be “Best Chicago SEO”… 

Is SEO for everyone?

Many entrepreneurs wonder whether SEO is for everyone. The answer is simple – definitely yes. Positioning can be done on any type of website, be it a portfolio, a company directory, a store, an auction portal or a company selling various types of services. However, it is worth remembering that this is a paid process. Price for services depends on both the chosen company and its reputation, as well as the number of collaborations conducted so far or the position we want to achieve.

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  • Lily Andrews 08.08.2022

    I run a local business, and I used to think that SEO wasn’t for me. It always seemed to me that these are actions that should be taken by well-known companies and I have no chance to compete with them. That changed when I read the article:, where I found out that SEO is for everyone, but each company needs to have their own strategy. As you said: “Positioning can be done on any type of website, be it a portfolio, a company directory, a store, an auction portal or a company selling various types of services” – I would only add that it is also not dependent on the size of the company. Small businesses can also position their sites!