How to adjust eyebrows by yourself? The most important rules

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How to adjust eyebrows by yourself? The most important rules

It is said that eyebrows are the frame of the face. There is a lot of truth in this, because even the prettiest makeup without adjusted and highlighted eyebrows will not look good

Eyebrows also express emotions and give character to facial features. They need to be matched to your own anatomy. This all seems difficult, so many people decide to adjust eyebrows in beauty salons. However, if you know a few rules, you can easily do it yourself at home.

Keep the natural shape

Adjusting your eyebrows is not about giving them a whole new shape, but only about improving the one you have naturally. It is rare to have perfectly symmetrical and even eyebrows. Usually they need to be helped by properly adjusting them.

Sometimes eyebrows are naturally too thick or too long, which distorts your face. Even if you have very few hairs, you still need to adjust your eyebrows to remove those hairs that grow in the wrong places. You can do this yourself at home with simple and inexpensive tools.

What will you need?

You won’t need expensive equipment to adjust your eyebrows yourself. The basic tool is a good quality tweezers. It is not worth saving on it, because poorly chosen will make your work more difficult and discourage further attempts. The most important thing is that the tips of the tweezers adhere to each other over a large area. If not, the hairs will not be properly caught, which will make the whole task much more difficult and prolong the process.

An eyebrow brush will also come in very handy, allowing you to direct your eyebrows in the right direction. Also get some small scissors, such as nail scissors. If you are a beginner, you will also need a white or flesh colored pencil to outline the shape. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a liquid to disinfect your tools with before and after you start working.

The Eyebrow Adjustment Process

Before you start adjusting your eyebrows, you should disinfect your tools, mainly the tweezers. Wash off any makeup residue and also wash your hands. Then proceed to mark the shape of the eyebrow you want to get. It is best to use a white or flesh-colored crayon to paint in the areas where there should be no hairs. You can determine the shape of your eyebrows based on your previous experience or by using images from the Internet

As a general rule, the eyebrow should start at the level of the lobe of the nose, fall in 2/3 of its length and end at the extension of the line of the nose, iris and the corner of the eye. However, these are not rigid rules, because each person has a different shape of the nose or eye position. You should use common sense here and check what fits you on an ongoing basis

Once you have a rough idea of the shape of your nose, start plucking out the unwanted hair. It’s important to check your results every now and then, moving away from the mirror so you don’t pull out too much. Next, use a brush to comb your eyebrows upwards and trim any excess hairs

Finally, using a cotton pad and micellar solution, remove the eyebrow pencil and check if you are satisfied with the result. If not, now is the time for touch-ups. If you don’t quite like the effect, don’t get discouraged after the first failed attempt – practice makes perfect.

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