Features to Look in a WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

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Features to Look in a WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

WordPress e-commerce website owners use WooCommerce as their e-commerce platform due to its popularity and how flexible it is. The platform allows you to sell your products with ease, but if you want your customers to be able to get their orders quickly, you’ll need a WooCommerce shipping plugin that works well with your WooCommerce store. 

What’s The Main Thing To Look For In Woocommerce Shipping Plugins?

  1. Flexibility

Your delivery options should cover as many customer requirements as possible—especially if you’re trying to sell worldwide. Ideally, your shipping module should let you set up parcel pickup locations for local customers and offer free delivery on bulk purchases. Some modules also let you schedule deliveries, so it may be useful if you’re selling flowers or other perishables.

  1. Ease of Use

Your shipping module should fit seamlessly into your Woocommerce store and let you manage delivery settings from one place. Ideally, it should also provide tracking details for customers. You’ll also want to make sure you can add multiple packages and different rates for different areas of your delivery area.

  1. Choose A User-Friendly Customer Interface

The interface that customers use to purchase your products should be as simple and effective as possible. Customers shouldn’t have to fill out any extra information that isn’t required, and they should be able to track their shipping with ease. You can also let them generate a shipment tracking code on their own if they are ordering without making an account. This is especially useful for business orders when you don’t want customers having access to private information.

  1. Customize With Modules

These modules come with lots of built-in characteristics, but some might not meet your needs exactly. Fortunately, the most popular ones allow you to edit the main attributes using plug-ins or extensions. 

  1. Understand the Fine Print

It’s important to read all of the components before purchasing one because there will always be something you need that doesn’t work well with another extension.

More Things to Know 

  1. Support

Check that the plugin has live chat and also email contact. Great customer service can help avoid issues.

  1. Cost

If you’re on a budget, you may not want to use something expensive with many features you won’t need. But if this is your first eCommerce website, keep in mind that it may be worth the initial cost for long-term benefits and updates.

  1. Compatible With Other Plugins

Make sure the chosen plugin will work well with these other plugins before purchasing it. 

  1. Pro Features That You Need

Some plugins have paid add-ons such as multiple warehouses or discounting specific products from particular warehouses. Some of these are pricey extras but they could offer some important features that could save time and money in the future when running an online store


The right shipping plugin can improve your store’s features, make your life easier, and significantly increase customer satisfaction. So it’s important that you take the time to research which plugin would be best for your specific needs. 

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