Bathroom renovation step by step

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Bathroom renovation step by step

Bathroom renovation is one of the things that we try to postpone. It is associated with clutter, high costs and other inconveniences. How to plan the renovation of this room?

Renovating no other room is as tedious and difficult as bathrooms. If, in addition, we own one bathroom in the apartment, the matter seems almost impossible to do without living in an angle with family or friends. Ripping off old tiles, hauling heavy fixtures to the dump, dust and noise are the beginning of the road. Labor and building materials are the next sleep-inducing elements. How to plan a bathroom renovation and what costs are involved?

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

The cost of bathroom renovation depends on many factors: the area of the room, the scope of works, the choice of team, the place where we live and the materials we decide on. The most expensive is a complex bathroom renovation including removal of old tiles, replacement of installations, suspension of ceilings, installation of new toilets and replacement of the door to the room.

Chipping off wall tiles costs around 38-55 PLN per square meter. Removing tiles on the floor will cost 25-35 PLN per square meter. If it is necessary to create a self-leveling screed in the room, it will cost around 24-35 PLN per square meter. Laying new tiles is expensive. The simplest wall tiles cost from 70 zł to 100 zł per m². Even more expensive will be small tiles, mosaics, Moroccan clovers. For laying simple tiles on the floor, a professional will charge 80-120 PLN per square meter.

Painting is not cheap either. Preparing walls and ceilings, i.e. filling cavities, costs 10-15 PLN/m², priming costs around 6 PLN/m². Just painting will cost between 12 and 17 PLN per square meter. After counting the labor costs, we can think about tiles, sanitary fixtures, lighting and furniture. The last component is the so-called white installation. Installing a sink is about 100 PLN, and for a bathtub you’ll pay twice as much. Installing a shower enclosure costs 200-350 PLN and a toilet 100-150 PLN. After estimating our needs, we will get an approximate cost of bathroom renovation

As a rough estimate, we can assume that a comprehensive renovation of a 4 sq. m. bathroom will cost around 12-15 thousand z³. The above mentioned works are not only expensive but also time consuming. We must reckon with the fact that the work in the bathroom will take even about a month. In the best case they will take two weeks.

Bathroom renovation budget version

When estimating costs of bathroom renovation, many people catch their heads. Fortunately, there are several ways to give the room a facelift that are faster and cheaper than a major overhaul. One of them is painting the tiles. If the tiles are in good condition, and the only thing that bothers us is the color or patterns of the tiles, we can successfully paint them. More and more paint manufacturers offer products designed for painting bathroom tiles – even in such sensitive places as the floor or shower. Tiles should be cleaned and degreased properly, and then you can start painting.

Bathroom renovation inspirations 2021

Bathroom trends now include the return of beige and sand colors, grays, combinations of black and white or white and wood, boho style and floral motifs. Mosaic, multicolored tiles and details in intense, bold colors are still on trend. Earthy colors can be combined with juicy hues of orange, yellow and red. Designer bathrooms today are also inspired by water and flowers. Concrete and brick also do not go out of fashion.

Main photo: Max Vakhtbovych/pexels.com

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