An omelet is a great idea for breakfast. Learn about the best recipes

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An omelet is a great idea for breakfast. Learn about the best recipes

There are a mass of omelet recipes that you can make in a hurry for breakfast. We offer you 4 recipes, among which you are sure to find something for yourself!

Express omelet

Are you short of time in the morning? Try our recipe for an express omelet! You will prepare it in less than a minute. 

You will need:

  • two eggs, 
  • 35 g of ham, 
  • 5 g of cheese, 
  • a teaspoon of clarified butter, 
  • some chives and any spices you like. 

With the ingredients, by the way, you can fantasize or prepare an omelet without additives. Get to it!

1. Heat up a frying pan and melt clarified butter on it.

2. Crack the eggs into a deep plate and scramble with a little water and a pinch of salt. Pour into the frying pan and fry over medium heat.

3. Put finely chopped ham and grated cheese on half of the fried omelet, and with the help of a spatula, carefully lift the other half and flip it over the topping part.

4. Transfer the omelet to a plate, sprinkle with chives and spices. Serve with vegetables.

20-minute omelet

However, if you have a little more time in the morning, try this wonderful omelet. Some people compare it to a light pizza. This recipe comes to the rescue when you need a decent meal and there is not much time.


  • 2 eggs, 
  • piece of fried toasted bread, 
  • 10 g of grated cheese, 
  • half a small onion, 
  • half a bell pepper, 
  • half a tomato, 
  • 20 g of ham, 
  • parsley.


1. Chop onions, cut peppers into small strips, grate cheese, cut ham into pieces and tomato into slices.

2. Toast the bread in the toaster and cut into small pieces.

3. Scramble the eggs, add to them chopped parsley, salt, pepper and spices to taste (such as tarragon or thyme).

4. Heat a frying pan, melt a teaspoon of clarified butter and fry the onions in it.

5. After about three minutes, add bell peppers and sauté for another three minutes, and finally add tomato.

6. Add the sliced bread and pour the whole thing over the eggs with ham. Cover the pan with a lid and fry on low heat for 7-8 minutes.

7. Sprinkle the omelet with grated cheese, cover the pan with a lid and fry for another 2-3 minutes. Eat until it is cool!

Omelet with potatoes

To prepare this tasty omelet you will need only 3 ingredients and 10 minutes of free time. The end result will surprise your palate.


  • 2 eggs, 
  • 1 potato, 
  • 70 g of melted cheese.


1. Heat a skillet over medium heat and melt clarified butter.

2. Line the pan with a layer of thinly sliced potato and sauté covered for 5 minutes over low heat.

3. Layer the potato with chopped melted cheese and pour whisked eggs over the whole thing. Add your favorite spices, cover the pan with a lid and sauté for another 4-5 minutes.

4. Turn off the gas, transfer the omelet to a plate and serve with fresh lettuce or vegetables.

Soufflé omelet

This light omelet literally melts in your mouth, and you will prepare it in 10 minutes!


  • 2 eggs, 
  • 10 g of clarified butter.


1. Separate the white from the yolk. It is best to use a funnel for this.

2. Whisk the whites with a whisk until thick foam, and mix the yolks thoroughly with a little salt and your favorite spices. Gently combine them with the egg whites.

3. Melt the butter in a frying pan. Pour in the egg mixture and carefully even it out.

4. Cover the pan with a lid and fry the omelet for 4 minutes.

5. Uncover the pan, flip the omelet gently. Fry for another 2 minutes.

6. Serve with any vegetables you like.

main photo: Chaturvedula

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