Ballerinas – how to wear them?

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Ballerinas – how to wear them?

In the fashion world, ballerinas are not welcome lately. For some, ballerinas are a must-have item in their closet, while for others these shoes are a real fashion faux pas. However, you can look stylish in them. How to do it? We suggest.

At the beginning of XXI century ballerinas had their heyday: they became fashionable shoes, which you can put on without thinking. In recent seasons, however, this has changed – ballerinas are no longer as popular as they once were. However, you can still wear them with style.

History of ballerinas

Ballerinas were created in 1932 by Australian Jacob Bloch and were originally shoes for dancers practicing ballet. Rose Repetto – the founder of the famous shoe brand, decided to create improved ballerinas that would make dancing easier for her son. To do so, she invented a new technique called “backstitching,” which involved sewing an insole onto the sole, but on the opposite side. In 1956, Brigitte Bardot asked Repetto to change the original way of using ballerinas to produce lightweight and comfortable city shoes.

A year later, in 1957, Gabrielle Chanel made a two-tone shoe that resembled the current ballerinas: beige with a black toe. Today, two-tone ballerinas are the hallmark of the Chanel fashion house

Fashionable ballerinas: which colors to choose?

Color can completely change the look of an entire styling. And especially the color of shoes

If you prefer ballerinas made of leather, you can choose the matte or glossy one. You can also opt for suede models. Grey or black shoes will make our styling looser. Thanks to these two colors, you can afford everything and wear ballerinas every day and with almost every outfit. If you are looking for a bit of originality, go for bright or pastel colors! Powdery pink, very trendy this season, or even flashy red will perfectly emphasize your character and other elements of your outfit. How about yellow or blue to brighten up your summer outfits?

Ballerinas with heels

To reduce the back and knee pain that comes with wearing flat shoes, physiotherapists recommend wearing low heels – 3 to 5 inches. Ballerinas with square heels look great with elegant styles

How to wear black ballerinas?

We must admit that ballerinas are comfortable and practical. They are easy and quick to put on and fit almost every outfit. If you decide to wear round and classic ballerinas, choose an expressive outfit for them

Flowers and colors

A colorful floral dress and a rockabilly leather jacket will go well with black ballerinas in glamour style. This combination will be a suitable styling for spring and summer. From the accessories, you can choose from black items here, such as a handbag or glasses.

A short pink and purple floral skirt paired with a black short top will be perfect accessories for black ballerinas

Ballerinas also go well with slim jeans, pleated pants or mini skirt.

More daring ladies can put ballerinas with palazzo pants or culottes.

How to wear colorful ballerinas?

Go bold with color! Red, white, navy blue or yellow – such ballerinas will look great both with long dresses and with pants. Don’t hesitate to choose velvet ballerinas with embroidery. They will look great with boho style clothes

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