What to buy for a small dog?

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What to buy for a small dog?

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The holidays are approaching, which means it’s time for gift giving. Also, four-legged family members will be happy to find a gift for themselves under the Christmas tree, although they may not fully understand the concept. Pets very often get bored with their toys, destroy their items and eat all the treats very quickly. So Christmas is a great time to give your furry one a nice gift. See what you can buy your little dog

Valuable toys for dogs

Until recently, in the dog toy section of the pet store, you could choose between a tug-of-war and a squeaky rubber ball, which drove caregivers crazy and caused fear and aggression in dogs. As awareness of zoopsychology grows, the range of pet toys expands

Very valuable and helpful in dog care are functional toys that allow dogs to fulfill their natural needs and instincts. For example, this group includes licking toys that have a calming and tranquilizing effect. They help your dog control his emotions and calm down before bedtime. A scent mat, on the other hand, can distract your pet from an unpleasant or stressful stimulus and direct it to a healthy way of relieving difficult emotions

A new bed

Dog beds have the disadvantage that their filling quickly clumps together and becomes hard and uncomfortable. It’s worth taking care of your pet’s comfort and the quality of his sleep by providing him with a good quality, adequately sized and durable bed. A dog bed cannot be too small, even if it’s a small breed, the bed has to be at least 10% longer and 10% wider than the pet itself

Dogs need a bed even if they sleep in a bed with their owner or on a sofa. The bed should be a space exclusively for the pet and be used for relaxation, daytime naps or nighttime sleep. On it the dog will feel safe and calm. Try not to disturb this peace

Carrier – a way of closeness and safety

This gift will be a great idea if your dog likes to cuddle, suffers from separation anxiety or simply needs a lot of closeness. However, it is important to note that in a carrier, your dog is in a very vulnerable and vulnerable position, which can induce anxiety and anxiety-based aggression in your dog. The natural defense mechanism for a dog is to run away, which is impossible in a carrier

The owner knows his dog best, so he must decide for himself whether such a gift is suitable for his pet. If your pet feels comfortable when you carry him in your arms and when you cuddle, visit https://liletink.pl/ and buy a carrier for him. However, before buying one, it is advisable to consult a behaviorist who can help you assess whether such a gadget will negatively affect your dog’s mental state and behavior

Chews and treats

Food is a huge motivator and a fantastic reward for most dogs, so if your dog likes to treat himself or feeding appeals to him during training, treats would be a great gift for him. Make sure the treats are of good quality – composed of meat, free of grains, dyes, artificial flavors and preservatives.

When it comes to chews, under no circumstances buy your pet bones, shoes, knots or rings made of pressed leather. They are made from tannery waste, and in the production process they are stuffed with chemicals and bleach. Opt for natural chews made from the rumen, intestines, lungs, tendons, penises or tails of cattle or sheep. Chews made from Himalayan yak milk, deer antler, and coffee or olive tree will also work great.

Main photo: Edson Torres/unsplash.com

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