How to deal with a breakup?

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How to deal with a breakup?

A breakup can be a very painful experience. It doesn’t matter if the relationship lasted a year or a dozen years. The pain is often the same. It’s only natural to feel sad. But what if grief and a lack of motivation are holding you back and you no longer feel joyful? How do you cope after a difficult experience?

Don’t dwell on the past

Your relationship has broken down and there is no chance of saving it. At first you are bound to feel despair and question how it happened. After all, it is not always one party to blame for the break-up. It is all too common for battered women to think about the past after a breakup. They ask themselves, “what did I do wrong?” They don’t want to plan for the future, and they keep thinking about the reasons for the breakup. Unfortunately, this attitude makes you unable to take the first step, break out of the hole, and start living again. Obsessive thinking about the past is the road to a nervous breakdown. Try to forget the past and start slowly creating your backup plan. Constantly going through your photos or gifts you got from your ex is a bad step. After an unpleasant experience, you need to detach yourself from the memories, so start creating new ones, already without him. A good step in cutting yourself off from the past would be to throw away all mementos or photos. Symbolically getting rid of this emotional ballast will definitely clear the atmosphere and make you start a whole new chapter in your life.

Stop creating scenarios that will never come true

After a breakup, you feel a void and wish you could go back to the past when you were still together. Unfortunately, what was will never come back, and creating impossible scenarios in your head, having conversations, and replaying arguments, keeps you stuck at square one. It’s better to come to terms with the situation than to dwell on the memories of your conversations and how you could have kept him around.

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Don’t shut out your friends and acquaintances

In romantic movies, you’ll often find many scenes where the abandoned girl locks herself in a room and deals with her sorrows or cries into a pillow. In “Legally Blonde,” star Reese Witherspoon drowns out her emotions by eating ice cream and watching romantic comedies. That’s not the way to go! Try to find comfort in talking to friends, meet up with a friend who is sure to give you encouragement. Thanks to positive emotions and the support of people close to you, you will find in yourself the power to act, and you will rebuild self-esteem.

Find your passion and keep growing

Your life didn’t end after the breakup with your boyfriend. You still have plans and dreams that you can pursue. Find the strength to take action and pursue something creative. Development will give you the opportunity to rebuild your self-esteem. Turn negative energy into something positive. Just because someone has rejected your love doesn’t mean you have to wallow in sadness.

Find the positives from the breakup

Give yourself time to analyze your previous relationship. Many people discover after a breakup that their idealised love wasn’t so colourful. You may not have noticed that your partner was cheating or manipulating you. The fact that he or she left you is a bad sign. Enjoy being single and learn from your previous relationship. A breakup is not a failure. Relationships break up for many reasons, but it is also a chance to meet someone more suitable in the future. By looking for the positives of such a situation, you are sure to see new opportunities. Give yourself time for sadness and grief, because you have the right to it. Despite these emotions at the same time, don’t forget about yourself or your needs. Focus on what you have and appreciate the new opportunity that fate has given you.

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