How to clean a burnt pot? Best ways

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How to clean a burnt pot? Best ways

A burnt-on pot can drive us crazy, especially if we just bought it. Fortunately, there are ways to clean it. Before you throw away a burnt pot, be sure to read this article!

How can I clean a burnt pot?

As soon as you notice that the pot is scorching, immediately remove it from the heat and pour cold water over it to soften the scorch. A black residue may remain on the bottom of the pot, which will be difficult to clean with dishwashing liquid alone. You can use other less common remedies that will perfectly deal with the burn.

Baking soda

This popular kitchen product can be used not only instead of baking powder. It is also ideal for cleaning burnt surfaces. This is a great way on how to clean a burnt pot if the dirt is very large. Add a sachet of baking soda to two liters of warm water and then pour it over the burnt pot.

Then, wait for about a couple of hours and scrape the scorch gently from the surface of the pot. This is the perfect way to clean a stainless steel pot. Heavy scrubbing could damage the stainless steel pot. On the other hand, by soaking in warm baking soda water for a long time, the burn will start to come away from the surface of the pot on its own

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Baking powder

If you do not have baking soda in your kitchen, you can use baking powder. It is very good for burning on the inside of the pot. Pour water in the center and boil it, adding two sachets of baking powder. Once the water has boiled, set the pot aside overnight. In the morning, clean the pot with warm water and dishwashing liquid.


Vinegar is also very popular and you probably clean your refrigerator with it quite often. It is also suitable for burns. In this case, you also need to boil water in a pot and then pour vinegar over it. Unfortunately, vinegar boiled with water will not smell very good. To alleviate the smell, you can turn on a fan and put a lemon peel in the pot

Dishwasher tablets

If you don’t have any baking soda or baking powder at home and the pot burn is fresh, be sure to use dishwasher tablets. Capsules can help too, but the tablet will produce much less foam and has baking soda in its composition

Put boiling water in a pot and add the capsule to the dishwasher. Since the capsule will quickly dissolve and produce foam, remember to fill the pot only to ¼ full. After waiting an hour, pour the dissolved water into the dishwasher and wash the pot as usual.

How do I clean a burnt pot?

First soak the burnt pot in hot water with baking soda, dishwasher detergent or salt. When the scorch starts coming off the surface of the pot, pour it off with the water and wash the pot with a special brush or washer.

Try to use soft sponges for stainless steel cookware because any attempt to scrape the surface will end up scratching it. It is advisable to soak such cookware in hot water with baking soda or vinegar for a little longer so that the burns start to come off by themselves.

A scraper can be used for more scratch-resistant pots and baking sheets which are not covered with any enamel or Teflon. For burnt-on cookware, it’s a good idea to use concentrated, good-quality liquids that dissolve dirt well.

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