How can a door lock be repaired?

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How can a door lock be repaired?

A door lock is one of those items of home equipment that may need to be replaced regularly. Front doors are particularly prone to malfunctions, so it is worth knowing how to repair the lock yourself. 

Replacing the cylinder

There can be several types of door-related malfunctions, but the most common one usually involves replacing a worn-out lock. Frequent locking and unlocking of the door wears out the mechanism, so it may be necessary to replace the cylinder. This type of option is available on arch type doors. Before replacing it, you need to purchase a new cylinder of the size that fits the existing lock.

The replacement process itself involves unscrewing the escutcheon, removing it and unscrewing the bolt holding the insert. Once it is unscrewed, replace it with a new one, tighten the screw and then the signboard. The replacement takes just a few minutes and does not require specialized equipment or technical expertise.

Recessed door lock 

Not all doors are simple enough to replace a broken component in just a few minutes. These types of locks most often need to be disassembled in their entirety and then the level of damage assessed. This type of defects includes mortise door locks, which, due to their specific housing, must be disassembled in their entirety.

The first element to be disassembled is the handle along with the housing. It is necessary to unscrew all the screws and remove the lock. Only then can you take a close look at the malfunction and determine whether it is possible to repair it yourself. If the failure is so serious that you can not replace the parts yourself, then you need to purchase a whole new set. The installation of a new handle with lock itself is quite simple, also does not require contact with a specialist. The situation is different in the case of entrance, burglar-proof doors, the failure of which may require contact with an expert locksmith. 


The failure of a door lock does not immediately have to lead to the replacement of the entire component. Perhaps a thorough cleaning will suffice. How do you know if a lock needs maintenance? The key will be hard to get in and out when closing or opening the door. This is the first and actually the most important signal. Cleaning a lock is quite simple and requires special chemical products that will clean hard-to-reach spaces. 

Suitable agents usually come in spray form and are very easy to use. After spraying the lock, dust, dirt and water should be removed, and the key should work perfectly. However, if cleaning alone doesn’t help, other maintenance products will come to the rescue.


The first rule to remember when maintaining a lock is to clean it beforehand. Under no circumstances should you start greasing or oiling the lock without first washing it with a special spray. This will cause the greasy substance to stick to the dirt and dust in the narrow spaces and the lock will certainly be due for replacement. The maintenance process itself after cleaning can be done with several types of chemicals, but it is worth checking the composition carefully before using them. Experts recommend that the formulation should include care, anti-corrosion, lubricant and penetrating oil.

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