Cat food – which one to choose?

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Cat food – which one to choose?

Probably as a cat owner you want to take care of your cat’s proper nutrition. Perhaps you are just planning to buy or adopt a pet and are looking for the necessary information on the correct diet. How to feed your pet to provide him with everything he needs?

The eternal dilemma – dry or wet food?

Surely you are wondering about the type of food. Veterinarians agree that the best will be the one that has the simplest composition and is rich in nutrients

Dry cat food is usually more processed. It also happens that older individuals have a problem with eating a meal in this form due to weaker dentition. It’s also worth keeping in mind that cats don’t like to drink water very often, and feeding only dry food may require too much hydration. As a result, your pet may suffer from fluid deficiency and kidney dysfunction.

Wet cat food seems to be a much better choice, but unfortunately it is also more expensive. However, the composition of wet food is largely water, which is an extremely important part of the diet for this pet. Additionally, the meat contained in the meal is soft and easy to eat even for a cat with teeth problems. It is also worth noting that this form of food is very filling, and the pet will certainly eat its portion with a much bigger appetite.

BARF – natural, or the healthiest

If you’re still in doubt about what to feed your cat, it’s worth getting to know the BARF method. This is a natural way of feeding animals using raw meat and plants. Most veterinarians agree that such nutrition is the healthiest method, which provides necessary nutrients and practically fully covers fluid needs.

However, such cat food requires knowledge on the part of the pet owner. There are many manuals, from which you can learn a lot about composing meals, the amount of food and possible supplementation.

Additional information – so when and how much food to give?

If you’re having trouble figuring out what time to feed your cat, know that you are the one who sets the schedule for your day. It’s important that you keep the right intervals between meals so that your cat doesn’t get hungry for a long time.

It is best to feed your cat two portions of food a day, spaced about eight hours apart. It’s important that you take your cat’s bowl away after he’s finished eating if he hasn’t finished his meal. Otherwise, you will teach him a bad habit – overeating, which can result in an abnormal weight.

Portion size is a fairly easy thing to determine, but not always. If you’re feeding store-bought wet or dry food, there’s a chart on the package with the recommended amount of food. You’ll need to know your cat’s weight and age to get the correct reading.

Feeding your cat can be challenging at first. It is important to gather enough information on the subject and choose the right feeding method. If you decide on the type of food, set specific feeding times, and choose portion sizes, feeding your pet will become a simple pleasure.

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